Friday, February 12, 2016

L'Oreal Bohemian Beauty Nail Collection

How about this for a right turn straight into the wonderful, affordable drugstore beauty after a run of high and mid-priced items?  I spotted the L'Oreal Bohemian Beauty Nail Collection at my local Rite Aid and couldn't resist most of the frothy pastels.

Let's take a closer look at the promo imagery- that's what drew me in.

Stunning, right?

OK, let's talk specifics. 

There are eight shades in  this collection, and these are very affordable in their pricing. I actually picked up my six selections at BOGO50%. Score.

The shades are:
  • 233- Sunkissed Silver
  • 235- Boho Babe
  • 237- Peaceful Pink
  • 239- Radical Rose
  • 241- Flower Crown
  • 243- Blissful Blue
  • 245- Totally Turquoise
  • 247- Gypsy Glitz
I have all but Boho Babe and Totally Turquoise to share today.

I passed on Boho Babe since I rarely wear those super light shades and have better formulas than those found at the drugstore. I also passed on Totally Turquoise because although I love shades like this, I don't honestly wear them enough to justify purchasing yet another one.

First up, Sunkissed Silver.

Here's Sunkissed Silver on my nails:

I'll admit that this shocked me. Turns out it's very opaque and not streaky at all (what I was anticipating). It's awesome. This is three coats.

Next, Peaceful Pink. This is the shade that's in the promo photography and the first shade that I had to have.

Here's a shot of Peaceful Pink on my nails:

There are three coats here, and as you might expect, formula was a little disappointing. There's an awesome shimmer in the bottle that's not present on the nail. It's also very patchy. It was quite the letdown, and I'm so glad that I checked out other shades in this line.

Next, Radical Rose. I'd call this somewhere along the line of Radiant Orchid.

Although it's a color I've seen many, many times, it doesn't mean it's any less lovely on the nails:

It's bright and fun and totally spring. Formula was great on this- three coats on my nails.

Next, Flower Crown.

Ooh, another mint. But will it perform?

Flower Crown looks great on the nails:

It honestly performs on-pair with my favorite high end mints (NARS Thasos comes to mind). It's just like Mint Chocolate Chips, without the Chocolate Chips! Formula was shockingly awesome and even. Three coats pictured.

Next, Blissful Blue.

It's a light blue creme, perfectly on-trend with Pantone's Color of the Year (Although a lot darker than Dior's release.)

Here's Blissful Blue on my nails:

It's gorgeous on the nails, and applied like a dream. This is 3 coats. It honestly performs as well as any high-end light blue creme. I'm impressed.

Last, Gypsy Glitz.

This is a really fun holo glitter topcoat. I normally pass on these. To be honest, it was a "why not?" moment to finish out the BOGO offer. And it was a great purchase!

Here it is over Blissful Blue:

And here's a tough shot of it on a nail wheel. I wish I'd had time to redo this shot.

I'm really looking forward to playing with this more this spring. Shockingly, removal was a breeze, something I wasn't expecting from a drugstore glitter. Bravo!

Here's a quick shot of that same nail wheel, before I put Gypsy Glitz on everything:

Bottom line: I think this collection is well-edited, has an amazing formula for price point, and is worth checking out. You can find it at your local drugstore NOW.

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