Tuesday, February 9, 2016

YSL Spring 2016: Boho Stone Collection

I know that this collection has already been covered by many others, but I wanted to share my thoughts nonetheless. I've had it since Boxing Day, so I'm a bit late. I've only recently gotten around to testing it though. Consider this day 1 of several posts that you've seen other places first but I'd love to give my spin on.

I purchased 4 items from the Spring 2016 Boho Stone Collection: the Couture Palette Collector Indie Jaspe, the Face Palette Collector Gypsy Opale, and the two polishes- Love Pink and Peace Green.

Various pieces of this collection have been going in and out of stock at the usual haunts since their release. I hate showing items that may or may not be available but I'm making an exception here.

After seeing initial swatches of the Couture Palette Collector Indie Jaspe ($60), I was sure that this was the palette of the season for me. After playing with it, I'm not so sure.

First, let's look at how stunning the packaging is. It's truly a collector's item.

This eyeshadow quint contains a pink, a peach, a light green, a dark green, and a silver.

They swatch like a dream on my hand. Although I have no idea why silver is showing purple in my swatches. Hmmm...

Those are the colors that drew me in. I can't replicate that performance on my eyes though. The lighter shades start running together and fade quickly, even with primer. If anyone has any primer suggestions please let me know because I want to love this. I've tried NARS Pro Prime, Smashbox Eyeshadow Primer, and using MAC Painterly to anchor it. Same results across the board, which makes me sad. I have faith that I can find the right combination though!

Overall, this is worth checking out. It's beautiful, and would be tops on my list if I could get the pigmentation to translate to my eyes.

I'll admit it- I bought the Face Palette Collector Gypsy Opale ($48) because I got sucked in by the

This is a lovely face powder (I use it as a final powder). The individual stripes are large enough to be picked up by a very, very small brush- but why bother? I simply swirl a brush around. I'm so glad that I nabbed the above photo before I started testing because the YSL embossing was gone by the third or fourth usage. The above photo reflects a totally virgin pan of powder in the sun.

I've been testing this as a finishing powder for about a week. It's pretty, but it's not a must-have. If you don't have lots of other powders, this one is fairly reasonably priced and comes in a stunning compact. I didn't bother taking any swatches since it produces a translucent powder. Even though there's a lot of pink in it, it doesn't make my face any pinker. I'll probably keep this around and in frequent usage for when I'm playing with pinks. The compact's that cute to look at.

I wish I'd had more glowing reviews for you than I had. I do like the products and find them to be a reasonable price. They're nice, but they didn't wow me (the packaging, on the other hand....).


There are also two nail polishes with this collection ($27 each) - one of which caused quite the buzz. Love Pink and Peace Green are stunning polishes with a hint of duochrome. While the compacts got the incredible packaging, these are showstoppers.

Let's start with Peace Green.

Peace Green is a gorgeous mint with pink shimmer. A shimmer which shows up in the bottle, only slightly on the nail, and darned near impossible to photograph. However, I GOT IT!!! in this somewhat blurry shot:

Isn't that amazing? Now you understand why people have gone crazy for this shade.

Here's Peace Green on my nails:

Bottom line, this is a stunning polish. Good luck tracking down a bottle!

Next up, Love Pink. I was ready to pass this but I'm SO glad that I didn't!

This is an amazing pink with flashes of green. It's the opaque, green version of Deborah Lippmann Dream a Little Dream. It's everything I had been looking for in a pink polish. I'm in love.

Here's Love Pink on my nails:

There's a bit of the duochrome flashes peeking through here.

I pulled some comparisons in my stash for both of these- take a look. I find them both totally unique.

That's it for my selections from YSL Spring 2016. I've seen these items go in and out of stock at Nordstrom and on YSL's site. Don't forget to call your local Bloomingdales either! Stay tuned tomorrow for my purchases from Chanel's LA Sunrise Collection.

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