Sunday, February 28, 2016

Laura Mercier Paris After the Rain Palette

Today I'd like to share with one of the first products I actually picked up for Spring 2016- and one of the items that I think is perfectly situated for the winter-spring transition. I also haven't seen very many reviews, so I'm happy to share this albeit a bit late in the game.

First, I have to show this photo to you- this is how long I've been sitting on photos! Yes, that's snow, and it's pre-camera purchase.

Laura Mercier's Spring 2016 collection is anchored by the Paris After the Rain Palette ($55). Laura Mercier's website describes this as "A gorgeous palette with 8 matte and multi-chrome finishes with endless eye look possibilities. The Multi Chrome Pearl Topper can be used to help blend a strong base colour, intensify a subtle base colour or illuminate a matte colour."

I call it gorgeous and quite unexpected for Spring. Let's take a look. I'm going to be honest- I've reshot these photos a few times, so the palette is showing some wear. That's one of things I want to talk about in-depth.

Row 1 (Matte Eye Color): Saint Germain, Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysee, Le Marais
Row 2 (Multi Chrome Pearl Topper): Arc de Triomphe, Rue de Rivoli, La Madeleine, Montmartre

I adore the Parisian names- there's something about this palette that feels glamorous.

Let's look at the mattes first:

Overall, these are buttery for mattes and blend well. They're perfect on their own, or as an anchoring base. But warning: these are soft. Make sure you tap your brush and be ready to do cleanup. You also will need to be careful not to overblend- you can blend them into nothing.

Next, the gem-like Multi Chrome Pearl Toppers:

Aren't they beautiful?

Here's the deal. There is a lot of fallout, but just spray your brush with a little Fix+ before picking up pigment and you'll be fine. Also be prepared to do a bit of cleanup.

Now, this is a bit hazy (due to the atmospheric conditions) but worth showing because of the sun:

These are gorgeous.

I love layering these shades for a totally smoky eye with a twist.

There's one major downside to this palettte- I think it has gone over that buttery line into way too soft. Take a look at my palette after I re-swatched (with better lighting):

Did I not tell you these have a ton of fallout and are prone to overblending?  It's a shame since this is literally the perfect size for travel. That texture is the only thing that makes me not want to bring it with me when I travel.
Overall, this palette is the perfect size for travel and a lot of fun in this in-between (okay, FINE it's still winter but a girl can dream, right?) time. Just be careful with the Multi Chrome Pearl Toppers and you're ready to go. The more I play with this palette the more I fall in love.

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