Monday, February 15, 2016

MAC Monday: MAC Haute and Naughty Lash

For the second installment of MAC Monday, I'm going to briefly discuss the mascara I currently have in rotation: MAC Haute and Naughty Lash.

I'll be honest- I've never been a huge fan of MAC's mascara formula. I've tried my fair share of samples, but they never truly impressed me. Fast forward to a last-minute trip to the MAC store for "emergency" false lash purchase and application (hey, I was desperate!) and I discovered a new love: MAC Haute and Naughty Lash ($22). There are three versions: Black (pictured), Brown, and Waterproof Black. I've only tried the black.

It doesn't get along well with my Dior Lash Primer, so I have to remember not to prime my lashes. This mascara is a 2 in 1- you can either go for volume or for definition. The wand is the key. I tend to use it like this though:

Lancome Spring 2016 polish on nails, not sure why this shot turned out so dark!

Dry time is decent, as is wear time. I always have to work to get it off at night, usually 16+ hours after application.

Overall, I think this is an underrated mascara worth checking out. There are rarely samples available (probably due to the brush) but if you need to add something to an order or just need a nice daily mascara- check this one out.

I know this is much shorter than the average post, but please forgive me. I also know anyone coming to the blog frankly doesn't care about my health, but I'm still working through things. More exciting content will be coming soon.

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