Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chanel L.A. Sunrise Collection Spring 2016

Next up in "Spring Collections you've already seen everywhere else" week is Chanel's L.A. Sunrise Collection for Spring 2016. It's been out for about a month and a half. Undoubtedly, the bright colors have caught your eye at the store. Compared to the La Perle collection, it really, honestly looks like Summer!

As a side note, I got to see the book at my local counter (not the pictured one). Summer looks like fall! Not sure what's going on with the season mixing at Chanel.

First, let's talk about what I didn't get. I skipped the blush because it's incredibly pigmented and I have rosacea. $70 saved. It's very pretty but not my colors. I also skipped all 3 Illusion d'Ombres since I honestly don't get that much use out of the ones that I own (I have only 2 that aren't dried out- Melody and Iridescent). I also skipped the Rouge Coco Shines because I don't reach for the ones that I own that often. There are many reviews out there though.

Now, let's talk about what I did get. One of the reasons why I'm featuring the collection so late is that the eyeshadow quad ( 262 Tisse Beverly Hills, $61) was delayed, much like the quad from last holiday. It's only been out for a few weeks and there aren't many swatches out there.

I'm going to be brief in this review since everyone's been looking at this collection for months. Tisse Beverly Hills is scary and bright. Let's get that out. However, it's workable. I've been able to successfully use all but the blue so far. The lighter shades play quite nicely with Tisse Rhapsodie from last year's La Perle collection. Let me swatch this for you and you'll see how awesome this:

Let's be honest, I love a great purple eyeshadow. I can see the first shade as an all-over lid color, with the second shade as a base/highlight and the last as an eyeliner, smoked a bit. See, it's not as scary as it seems. Still working on bright blue with blue eyes to be honest....

I believe this is supposed to be an addition to the permanent lineup, so I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't.

I also purchased one of the three Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners ($33): 926 Purple Choc. I love it for lining the lower lashline. It's not as totally opaque as the best of the line but it's awesome nonetheless. It's another addition to the permanent line.

And then we have the nail polish: Sunrise Trip.

After trying this polish once, I swore it would never touch my nails again. I relented in the name of the blog- sort of. I've got one coat on my pinkie, two on my ring finger, and three on my middle finger.

It appears that I'm in the minority with my feelings on Sunrise Trip. It's the only Chanel polish I can truly say that I hate. It stains so badly, even with base coat and a coat of Deborah Lippmann Naked to try to protect my nails. Doing these swatches, I stood over my nails with a cleanup brush with acetone. Others have loved it though. It's a unique color, I just wish it would work better for me.

Overall, Chanel took a serious risk with their Spring collection. Go check it out at local counters if you haven't- the quad arrived late January. I love the idea of playful colors, I just wish they worked better with my complexion.


  1. I love the colour but hate the formula of LA Sunrise - it is incredibly gloopy and took ages (in excess of an hour to be even moderately touchable) to dry even with a top coat. If this is an indication of what is to come with the new polishes, I'm worried!

    1. It's not indicative of the new polishes. I've been playing with them. They are different than the OG Le Vernis (I'll get into that once I'm done testing), but LA Sunrise seems to be that special snowflake.


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