Wednesday, February 3, 2016

MAC Flamingo Park Collection Part I: Blushes

Not to be totally un-original, but I have a confession: I secretly dig flamingos. And have for a long time. So when I heard about MAC's Flamingo Park Collection, I was in. Since this is such a big collection, I'm splitting up this post into totally shareable bites.

Which is totally what I would do in a mad tea party with some flamingo buddies- share my goodies. If you haven't seen the promo images, do yourself a favor and do so. Although it's available online now, you'll be able to find these goodies at your local MAC counter tomorrow.

I still have Skippers' Remorse from last summer's Kate Spade Flamingo collection. Le Sigh, the struggle is real. I don't have Skippers' Remorse with MAC Flamingo Park though! This collection is jam-packed with pigmented blushes, bright lipsticks, and fun pops of color. It arrives at counters this week, although it debuted last week online (which is where I picked up my items). I bought a lot of this collection online, but will be getting a few more items this week.

Today, let's talk some blushes. There are so many amazingly pigmented blushes with this collection that I have serious cheek envy. My rosacea and coloring limited me to the lightest trio. I also fare far better with peaches/corals/apricots than pinks.

First up, Spring Frock.

MAC describes this Satin blush as "light, bright coral".

Let's talk about the formula for a second- it's dreamy, just like the color. Seriously, it's everything that you could want in a powder blush. It is picked up effortlessly and blends like a dream. This is my favorite by far in terms of the texture. I will admit that accurately photographing it was a bit of a nightmare. I'm still trying to figure out how to maneuver amongst a gaggle of lights.

Here's a shot of it, swatched:

Overall, it's the most orangey of the blushes in this collection and has some serious warm undertones. For me, this will be a perfect spring into summer transition color. MAC has really covered everyone's bases with the color selection in this collection.

Next up, What I Fancy.

MAC describes it (a Satin) as "soft bright apricot."

Isn't it yummy? Here's another shot for good measure:

 Texture-wise, it's a teeny bit stiffer than Spring Flock. Of the blushes, it's the lightest that I purchased. I know MAC has called it apricot, but I think of it more of a Dreamsicle or frothy light orange sherbet. This is a delicious shade that really screams Spring to me. I cannot wait to start playing with it on a daily basis.

 This shade is totally in my wheelhouse, and I'm super excited to have purchased it mostly blind.

Now that I've shown you both of the orange-leaning blushes individually, let's look at them together. So yummy....

So, yes, they're both orange blushes, but I think you can see just how much pinker What I Fancy is when it's next to Spring Flock. Both are amazing, and I can see both being worn extensively. Both show up well on my NW15 skin and are exactly the type of shades I default to as we head into Spring. Of the two, Spring Flock has a slightly better texture but they're both lovely, buffable, and workable.

The final blush that I picked up is Pink Swoon.

This is a Satin that MAC describes as "soft candy pink."

Real talk time: This is way more pigmented and pinker than I'm usually comfortable with. That incredible pigmentation is present in most of the blushes in this collection- especially the more intense shades.

OK, so let's swatch this and see how I can make it work. Calming breath time.

Ooh, that's pretty. Pink Swoon is a very cool-toned pink, and packs a lot more punch than any other true pink blush that I have. I normally avoid these type of shades. However, this one's workable. Texture is awesome as well. MAC really did well with these blushes.

I purposely didn't sheer it out, but if I used a dual fiber brush and buffed I can see Pink Swoon being a natural flush for me. With concealer, of course. Two thumbs up for both the blush and me stepping outside of my comfort zone with this purchase.

Finally, I'll wrap up today's look at MAC Flamingo Park with a comparison swatch of the three:

There are also two Beauty Powders in this collection, Pearl Blossom and Sunny Surprise. I'd planned to skip these, but I'll be hitting the counter tomorrow to pick one of them up. I suspect that I'll be posting about this collection in 3 or 4 pieces!

Love the black flamingo fabric? It's actually a sundress! I can't find it online, but this is close. Love the white fabric instead? It's these totally awesome Martha Stewart sheets. (I currently have the "Bubbly" set with champagne bottles on it on the bed.) Love my flamingo floating coasters? Grab them at Amazon. Love the blue fabric? It's a scarf I found at Nordstrom Rack last year, so I don't have a good link for a substitute.

Stay tuned for the second installment soon!

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