Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lancome From Lancome With Love Spring 2016 Collection: Part II

Now that I've worn myself out trying to cover the new Chanel polishes, it's back to some of the posts that I'd planned. The Chanel La Perle collection wasn't the only one that I went crazy for this spring. I stepped outside of my usual brand box and fell totally in love with Lancome's Spring 2016 My Parisian Collection. I know I introduced it yesterday, but let's take a step back.

First, let's just take a moment and stare at this promo photography. Absolutely beautiful- and on-trend for Pantone's Colors of the Year.

This is a collection that looks light, frothy, and just screams cotton candy and spring. Before I get into which items came home with me, let's just take a moment and appreciate the genius of Lisa Eldridge. She's totally reinvented the brand and made it fresh again while still offering the core products that long-time Lancome lovers use. If you haven't seen the promo images, I encourage you to do so.

I'll be honest, I bought most of the collection. Bottom line, even the scariest light blue eyeliner is perfectly wearable! Unfortunately, we didn't get the 3 new Lip Lovers in the US (international readers if you find an option that would ship here please let me know!). Lancome has decided to mix up Spring and the Bridal collection for North America, so I'm going to be quite precise in how I talk about these items. From Spring, I purchased both nail polishes available in the US, one of the creme blushes, one of the eyeshadow palettes, one lipstick, and one eyeliner. From Bridal, I purchased one nail polish and one Lip Lover that I bought to you last week.

Today, we talk nails and cheeks after having already covered lips.

As a nail polish hoarder, I have quite a bit of experience with different formulas. I love Lancome's formula. It self-levels and dries nicely. Most cremes need only 2 coats, and they last for days on me. There are two polishes in this collection: 146 Rose Haussmann and 153 Bleu Ciel Parisien.

Let's talk about Rose Haussmann. Please allow me a mini-rant. This is the stock photo most retailers are using:

That's a lovely apricot, right? Let me introduce you to the REAL Rose Haussmann:

I had to check my bottle and box multiple times to see if it really was the same shade! So please don't believe the stock photos.

Rose Haussmann is a moderately warm light pink creme. It has full coverage in two coats.  Wear time is the same as other Lancome polishes for me- 3-5 days before the first crack, which makes it one of the best-wearing formulas on my hands.

Here's a nail wheel of comparisons (which I stole from the Dior post, hence the flagging of the Dior polish. Why recreate the wheel, right? I don't keep the working version of a photo to just move the star.)

It's a little warmer than the Dior, and I actually prefer the formula. Despite the confusing shade stock photo, this is one worth checking out.

The other nail polish, Bleu Ciel Parisien is one of those "go grab now, ask questions later" polishes. It's a fabulously opaque light blue. I've got an accent nail going on in this photo:

It's just awesome.  And just like the last comparison, I'm going to just repost the wheel I pulled for the Dior post:

It's over on the right side.  Let's Hear it for the Boy is the closest, but it has a superior formula. It's very easy to work with. I could've almost gotten away with just two coats rather than the standard three with a light polish. Bottom line: LOVE.

I also went way out of my comfort zone in this collection by purchasing a cream blush. Confession: this is only my third cream blush, and the most I've spent on one.

The My Parisian Blush comes in two shades. I'll be showing you 01 Corail de Ville.

This is such a fun blush- and it's so spongy. It's unlike the other cream blushes that I've played with:

I think that photo shows it best. I couldn't help not playing with it prior to shooting these photos (luckily I shot these photos awhile back since the sun has been absent around here!)

Corail de Ville is an apricot-learning coral:

And yes, it comes in an adorable tin:

Although that had nothing to do with the blush as a whole, I had to show you the adorable packaging that reflects the collection's theme.

As I mentioned, I haven't played with cream blushes that much so I'm not the best person to evaluate the formula. I do like that it's both buildable and sheerable. As someone who struggles with rosacea, it's a necessity to be able to make any blush subtle.

But here it is, swatched:

Obviously, it's blended on the left and more concentrated on the right.

Bottom Line: Based on my inexperience, it's not a must-have but I'll defer to those far more experienced than I.

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