Monday, February 1, 2016

Chanel Les Sautoirs de Coco- Part II

Yesterday I regaled you with the first three products from the all-new Chanel Les Sautoirs de Coco  collection in this post. I adored the light, delicate eye that it produced. Now, let's talk lips.

There are three Glossimers (2 pink, 1 clear), 1 Plumping Glossimer, one Rouge Allure lipstick, and one Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in this collection. I have both of the pink Glossimers and the Rouge Allure to share with you.

Rouge Allure #166 Indemodable ($37) is a new shade.

I'd call this a beautiful rosy pink with the slightest bits of berry undertones. To me, the berry shows up in the base- it's not a white base like a Barbie pink would be. It's just a lovely, grown-up pink.

Looking around, it's actually close to the pink in my Kate Spade "Eat Cake for Breakfast" mug.

On my highly pigmented lips, it pulls in the range of what I would call a mid-tone fuchsia.  Here is is, out in the sun:

It provides a punchy counterpoint to the collection's extremely delicate eyes.

Here's how it looks swatched under studio lighting:

I adore this shade. It has decent wear time and doesn't irritate my sensitive lips. It's a standout from the collection.

Now, let's talk gloss.

I almost hate admitting that I purchased two glosses because I've railed about not being a gloss person for years. I have only a handful of lip glosses that I use because I don't like the feeling. Somehow Chanel pulls me in every now and then with tremendous gloss releases. The last time that I bought more than one was the Amour collection back in 2012.

Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #214 Pinctada ($30) is a luminous, sparkling midtoned pink with a white base.

This has obvious glitter and sparkle and pairs perfectly with the understated tones in the quad. It provides a spark of life, and it's honestly the perfectly bright pink gloss that every woman should have in her arsenal. It's the first piece that I reached for from the collection. Wear time is the same as every other Glossimer. This is cooler and lighter than its sister from this collection.

It's a chameleon. Here it is outside in cool light:

Inside, with flash:

Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #215 Babiole ($30) is the darker gloss of the two. It's a cream gloss, without noticeable shimmer. I initially planned to pass on it, but once I swatched I was smitten.

It pairs perfectly with Indemondable- and the two could be sisters.

 I don't have a lip shot, but the wear time is the same as other Glossimers.

Alright, time for some group swatches.  First, inside in the studio lighting setup. L-R: Babiole, Indemodable, Pinctada:

Next, outside in brilliant winter sun. L-R: Pinctada, Babiole, Indemodable

If you love pink lips, you'll love the releases from this collection.

Although this isn't a new release, I'll mention the eyeliner that is promoted with this collection: Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 912 Ardoise. First released last Spring, I've been meaning to pick it up ever since. I'm a huge fan of this formula (it has improved greatly over the past year or so) and wear it on my lower lash line on a daily basis.

Ardoise is a steel grey that's perfectly paired with the delicate eye that this collection produces. With such light colors, black eyeliner would feel too overpowering.

Finally, a quick word on the several items I didn't pick up. There is also a Rouge Allure Velvet in a peachy pink (La Delicate), and two clear Glossimers were also promoted. After this past holiday's RAV, I've learned that my sensitive lips aren't a fan of the formula; don't expect to see any reviews of this formula on here.

That's it for my wrap-up of this collection. I hope you've enjoyed seeing this brand-new collection and will enjoy. It's the counterpoint to the bright, bold Spring 2016 collection. I'm very happy with my purchases, and am enjoying experimenting with my new setup.


  1. Why are your pictured so tiny? You can heardly see anything such a shame. Especially the lip photos. Would have loved to seen normal size pictures.

  2. I only got the gloss in clarite en pintacta now i think i should get the lipstick in Indemodable and maybe the gloss babiole because it would be great over this lipstick as you say the shades could be sisters and I love topping my lipstick with matching glosses. Do you think it would be worth the money? Love to hear from you? Thanks in advance.


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