Friday, February 5, 2016

MAC Flamingo Park Collection Part III: Lipsticks and Lipglass

Today's feature from the MAC Flamingo Park collection (now in stores) is the other star: the lips! There are a whopping 9 lipsticks and 5 lipglosses from this collection. I've got 8 of the lipsticks and one gloss to show you.

I grabbed this snap of a local counter's display. As I said, everything about this collection is pure love.

Freestanding stores have flamingos in their windows. I just love all of the flamingos everywhere!

Before I talk lipstick, let me update yesterday's review of In Synch lipliner. I was able to swatch all 3 lipliners at the store:

Moving on, time to talk lipsticks. First, the formula that everyone but me loves: Matte. My sensitive lips have fits with this one without careful prep and maintenance.

MAC has once again brought back crowd favorite Please Me, a "muted-rosy-tinted pink" with this collection.


I didn't repurchase, so you're seeing the LE packaging from Holiday 2015. Unfortunately, Flamingo Park doesn't have special packaging. Could you imagine if they'd done pink or something? TDF.

I digress. Here's a shot of Please Me, MAC's favorite Matte to throw in every. single. collection. 

You can see why, right? It's a lovely muted everyday MLBB shade. And one of the most tame shades in this collection.

Next up, another permanent repromote- Silly.

 MAC describes Silly "bright white pink."

I picked Silly up for two reasons: I didn't already own it, and I'm on a cool, Barbie-like pink kick right now. It was already on my list. It's a great shade, and one I'll get a lot of use out of.

Here's a quick swatch:

There's one other permanent shade being repromoted (Saint Germain), but I know it's way too white-based to work on my pigmented lips. Now that we've covered the 2 permanent items, let's talk about the fun stuff- new shades!

I'm going to start off with one of my favorites: Be Silly.

 Be Silly is one of the new shades, a "Hot fuchsia pink". I call it awesome.

Seriously, just look at that color! I couldn't resist Be Silly and promptly popped it on my lips as soon as I took that photo of the pristine tube. It's not ultra drying, even though it's matte. The only downside is that name- so confusing, especially with Silly being repromoted.

Here's a swatch. I love the pigment. It's totally wearable, too.

Just another totally wearable fuchsia from MAC. Still, one of the standouts of the collection for me.

Not the best photo, but a quick lip look:

Next up, the boldest of the mattes, Have Your Cake.

MAC describes Have Your Cake as "Bright Magenta."

I call it a cool-toned, slightly purple-learning magenta. I'll be honest- I picked this up at the the counter yesterday after initially passing. It was the collective strength of the other offerings that convinced me to take a chance.

Here's a quick hand swatch. Since I did just pick it up, I don't have much to say about wear time, etc.

The final matte lipstick in this collection is The Fashion Flock. It's the MAC online exclusive shade from the lipsticks.

MAC describes The Fashion Flock as "Bright Pink Coral." It's coral, folks. And deceptively difficult to photograph.

Just for good measure, here's all of the mattes from the collection. I know this is the most popular finish, and MAC has provided some really fun, bold colors here. That's the lovely Valentine's gift packaging behind.

I've covered the crowd favorites; now it's time for my personal favorite formula: Creamsheens. I don't experience the settling issues with them that some do, but I also am a queen of hydration so I'm constantly fixing my makeup.

Long Legged & Fabulous is described as "soft baby pink."

Sigh. This is one of those baby pinks that I love but doesn't quite work with my skintone and lips. It's going to take some serious work to get it to be compatible. But, it's worth the effort. This is such a lovely color and will be perfect with a smokey eye.

Flocking Fabulous might just have the best name ever.

It is a "bright coral red."

This is a red coral. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite MAC lipsticks of all time, Dreaming Dahlia.

I'm sure this will be in heavy, heavy rotation once we actually hit Spring.

Nice to Meet You is a classic red of the collection.

MAC describes it as "Deep pink red."

I describe it as "ooh, pretty!"

Yes, MAC doing another red. Yawn. But this is just enough of a pinky red to be 100% wearable and totally approachable. If you want to do red but are hesitant, this is just the type of shade you should start with.

Just to try to capture it, here's a second look:

Bottom line: LOVE.

Overall, if you can't find a lipstick to love out of this collection I can't help you. This is a huge collection that will take months to really explore and love.

I also nabbed one of the five new Creamsheen Glasses in this collection. I set out to go to the counter for a Beauty Powder and left with a gloss instead.

I selected Petite Indulgence.

MAC describes it as "bright blue pink."

I call it the perfect cool, girly pink that I've been looking for to go with all of the soft pastels I've been wearing as of late. I see this gloss taking up permanent residence in my cosmetics bag.

I am SO in love with this gloss and promptly popped it on my lips yesterday afternoon when I bought it. This is my sleeper favorite out of the group. Trust me, go check this one out.

Although I only picked up one of the Creamsheen Lipglasses, I did swatch all 5 in-store at the counter. Here's an iPhone camera counter swatch:

Oh no, I may need a couple more.

Stay tuned for tomorrow- the final items I picked up at the counter today. It probably isn't my final haul for the collection, but financial sanity had to be applied somewhere.

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