Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lacnome From Lancome With Love Spring 2016 Collection Part I

Today starts my feature on the Lancome From Lancome With Love Spring 2016 Collection. Although I'm only bringing you one item today, I promise it's worth a read.

One of the items I was really excited about is the Color Design Lipstick in Paris Please. Given the promo photos, I assumed that it was a light lilac. Let me show it to you on my NW15 skin (sorry for the slight bruising in the upper right of the shot- that was from an IV):

First thought: OOOH PRETTY. Second thought: nice pigmentation, with a rich, creamy formula (that the Color Design lipsticks are known for).

Let's look at the tube again:

I have three major complaints with the Color Design lipstick line. I find the bullet poorly executed. First, the bottom is ROUNDED. So no, you can't ever stand this up. Second, I'd like to shake my fist at Lancome. The only shade identification is on the cap. If you take more than one cap off at once to compare (for example), you'd darn better well know what order they're in- otherwise you're SOL. Seriously, Lancome? FAIL. Third, this is a fabulous, creamy formula. The lipstick itself is fragile. I've yet to get a tube without huge gouges in the lipstick. Y'all have a wonderful product here- just rethink the packaging.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, something was nagging at me. Paris Please reminded me of something.

Oh yeah, Color Design Lipstick in Love It!, one of my favorite light pinks of all time (similar to MAC Angel). Let's swatch them together to see:

This swatch tells me everything I was questioning. I needed some tweaking with MAC Lip Erase to wear Paris Please but Love It! is a swatch and go lipstick for me. Paris Please is slightly lighter and much cooler than Love It!.  Love It! is much warmer and slightly deeper. They're both must-haves in my book.

Overall, if you get a chance to grab Paris Please check it out. I love everything about this collection, as you'll see over the next few days.

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