Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Butter London Sweet Somethings Set

It's May, which means we're headed into peak wedding season here in the US.  Despite not being a bride, I generally enjoy the various bridal nail collections (I'm thinking of you, Essie).  When Butter London introduced their "Sweet Somethings" Set, I knew it would be mine.

The Sweet Somethings Set retails for $35 and contains 4 fashion-sized (mini) nail lacquers, weighing in at 6ml each.  It's currently available via Butter London's website, Nordstrom, and Ulta.

Here's the product description, straight from the brand's website:
"Ever the fashionista, the butter LONDON bride is a head-turner. She loves wedding classics paired with a modern edge. With a twist on the four ‘somethings’, we've created a palette what offers endless possibilities: a gorgeous overcoat, subtle finishes, and of course a little something blue. Create a signature look for the big day…and the happily ever after!

- Doily - "Something Old" (Light-pink lace overcoat)
- Alabaster Gaze "Something New" (Opaque, pearl-white shimmer)
- Pink Ribbon - "Something Borrowed" (Sheer pale-pink créme)
- Petticoat - "Something Blue" (Periwinkle-blue shimmer)"

 I've been digging lighter nail shades lately, so I knew I could have some fun with this.  I have three different looks to show you.

First, here's a nail wheel with the shades (in order):

You'll note that, aside from Something Blue, they hardly show up.  Luckily, I've got on-the-nail swatches to share.  

Index: Petticoat (2 coats)
Middle: Pink Ribbon (3 coats)
Ring: Alabaster Gaze (3 coats)
Pinky: Doily (2 coats)

I have Butter London's Hardware topcoat on my nails in each case. On the nail, the colors jump out.

Doily is a glitter "topcoat" suspended in a pale pink base which reads natural nail on your hand.  It's comprised of bar, round, and hexagonal white glitter.  It works nicely over a "natural" nail (I have Butter London Nail Foundation on my nail in the photo), over a light shade, and over dark colors for a dramatic look. I didn't pull any dupes because I know I don't own any. I'd purchase a full bottle of this if it's available.

Alabaster Gaze is a white pearl with an off-white tinge.  It becomes clear when it's compared with a true white pearl like Chanel Attraction. This had lovely formula- It was nearly streak-free with two coats, which is nearly unheard-of. It's a nice, soft alternative to stark whites for summer. I didn't pull any dupes because it's quite clearly off-white compared to Chanel Attraction, which is my go-to in terms of a pure white metallic shade. Plus, it's hard to see the differences in white polishes via photographs, to be honest.

Pink Ribbon  is a light pink creme with a bit of a jelly finish. This has the potential to be the hardest to work with, formula-wise. It took three coats to create an even finish. It's a very flattering shade with my rosy undertones; many off-white/very light pink read too beige to flatter. I thought this was available as a standalone shade in the past, but it's not currently on Butter London's website.

Petticoat is the brightest shade. It's a soft blue creme that's nearly opaque with one coat. When searching for a dupe, I found that I couldn't easily find one. I think this would actually be a lovely pedicure shade.

One of the great things about Butter London's sets are the various nail looks.  Here's my take on the "Posh Petticoat" look:

To get this look:
1. Butter London Nail Foundation
2. 2 coats of Alabaster Gaze
3. One thin, dragged out coat of Petticoat
3.  Second coat of Petticoat just at the tip
4. One coat of Doily over the whole nail
5. One coat of Butter London Hardware

I also went for a soft look with 3 coats of Pink Ribbon topped with one coat of Doily.

Overall, I think this is a really beautiful and feminine set.  I don't have any bridal reasons to use these sets, but I adore it. Even the glitter is soft and wearable. I recommend this set for both bridal and non-bridal purchases.

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