Thursday, May 15, 2014

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

I hate fakes. I despise fakes. I think that it's always better to go with the original, and if you can't afford the designer bag, find one within your p-rice point rather than supporting fakes.

Aside from sun.  I only get my tan in the fake sense.  It's a matter of health, people!

I've been testing Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for the last month, and I'm sold. This is my best experience with high-end self-tanners to date.

First, let me make this clear: You cannot use this self-tanner without a moisturizer of your choice. Did everyone get that?  It's the consistency of soy sauce and will do some serious damage to your skin and your perfect fake glow.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is unique in that you can use it with your moisturizer of choice. In theory, you can wear this during the day, but I highly recommend only using this at night.  You start to notice a distinct self-tanner smell after a few hours.

I've been using this with Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer, to great success. I purposely found the most basic moisturizer that I could so that the self-tanner didn't interact with any retinoids or other active ingredients. In this review, you're getting a mini 2 for 1- I haven't noticed any negative impacts from swapping my regular moisturizer out for the Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer. It actually reminds me of an old favorite Boots Sensitive Moisturizer that isn't available in the US (I actually bought my last bottle in Dubai). My sensitive skin agrees with the Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer, and at $12 for the smaller 1.0oz squeeze tube (perfect to mix with the Golden Glow Booster), it's very affordable.

Overall, the effects from Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster last 3-5 days, and are buildable. Since it's early in the season, I've been using it about every 4th day just to keep a slightly sun-kissed look. Once we transition into June, July, and, August, I'll be using it daily until I achieve my optimal shade, then every 2nd or 3rd day to maintain. That said, my optimal tan is much paler than most people even start the season!

One of the things that I struggle with as a porcelain beauty is finding that balance between a healthy glow as someone who works in an office and avoids the sun and a fake orange or deep tan.  I appreciate self-tanners like the Clarins Golden Glow Booster that allow for customization of a light tan.  The Clarins representative said that this is designed to be "5 minutes of sun." That's plenty for me!

Bottom Line: This is a must-have, safe self-tanner for us pale beauties. I can't speak to the efficacy on medium and deep complexions, but there are a multitude of other self-tanners that are designed for those beauties.

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