Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Dreaming

I'll be totally honest about the lack of Sunday Dreaming posts the last few weeks.  I've hit a point of harmony with my makeup collection.  There's really very little that I'm yearning for, and I'm almost over-saturated. However, there are a few items in general that I'm looking at.  Much like the earliest iterations of this feature, these aren't all beauty items.

1. Tom Ford Private Blend Perfume- Santal Blush ($210/50ml)

Image via

After agonizing over this perfume for months, I'm less than a week from finally purchasing my first bottle of a Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance. There's a crazy GWP at my local Nordstrom for purchasing next Saturday worth about $84 in fragrance.  There's the type of value that makes me finally take the plunge.

2. rms Beauty Living Luminizer ($38)

Photo via rms Beauty

I'm still loving my rms Beauty Raw Coconut Cream, and I became interested in other items from the brand while I was doing research prior to that purchase. This seems to be one of the other highly-rated products from the brand, and I'm always looking to learn how to use items like luminizer. The only trick is watching the weather forecast to avoid melting issues...

3. Michael Michael Kors Large Hamilton in Raspberry Saffiano Leather ($358)

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After agonizing over my initial Hamilton purchase for years, I've doubled my collection in less than a year.  My Optic White Hamilton is going to be my trusty companion all summer long- what's chicer than a structured white bag? When I was purchasing my Optic White Hamilton, I was nearly detoured when I spotted this stunner.  Admittedly, I'm on a giant pink kick at the current time- clothes, accessories, and beauty. This handbag is a cool-toned, bright pink that just looks stunning for summer. It's one of two bags I'm currently contemplating for my next purchase- which will likely be sooner than I'd like!

4. Kate Spade New York "For the Birds" Jewelry ($48-88 each)

All photos via Kate Spade New York

This set is both adorable and perfectly suited for summer!  Kate Spade makes the cutest jewelry, and this set caught my eye recently.  I'm more likely to buy the studs since most of the bangles are too small for my huge wrists.

5. Kate Spade New York Amalfi Mosaic Statement Necklace ($348)

Photo via Kate Spade New York

This is truly an aspirational item.  I'm more likely to seek out a necklace that's of similar inspiration rather than this piece. I love the style, as well as the idea.  I'm on the hunt for a much more budget-friendly version.

6. Prescription Sunglasses

Frame $15.95, Lenses $0-79, Tint $4.95

Stainless steel aviators, $25.95, lenses up to $79, Tint $4.95

One of the up/downsides of switching from contacts to glasses is that I can't buy handfuls of designer sunglasses anymore. Instead, I invest in prescription sunglasses. Since I'm not doing a lot of detailed reading or using a computer, online labs such as Zenni Optical work well for me. I have two pairs of sunglasses that I love from last summer. I need to give the following disclaimer: current, valid prescription from a optometrist is required. There are frames that mimic high-end favorites like the two above.

That's it for this week!

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