Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Dreaming

With the holiday weekend, I've been doing a lot of relaxing, some healing from a recent illness (hence the lack of recent content), and a lot of shopping.  Here are some of the items I'm seriously eyeing:

1. NARS Lipstick- Schiap ($26)

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I have eyed this shade for a long time and usually circle it like a hawk when I'm in a Sephora or at a NARS counter. How can you avoid noticing it?  I have to credit one of my favorite style bloggers (the divine A Lacey Perspective) for finally convincing me that it's workable even in the office.  Consider that link a bonus: she's got great style and brings some serious whimsy into a city known for being traditionally a fashion desert.  Why am I thinking of this at this very moment?  I wore the matching nail shade last week for the first time (look for a future NOTD) and loved it. It served as another reminder that I really should just pick it up already.

2. Essie Vices Versa Neons Nail Polish ($8.50)

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I actually had this in my hand at Ulta yesterday, after having thought about it while getting my hair done. I fully intended to only buy one of the Neons, especially after having read about the formula woes (and experiencing them myself). I've actually got my initial selection on my nails right now as I type, but THIS has my mind still racing. I picked up a floral skirt this weekend that has a hint of this color, and now I want to see if I can push the work-nail limits.

3. Chanel La Nuit Resynchronizing Skincare ($85)

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I'm currently testing all three serums that comprise Chanel's Resynchronizing Skincare system (post probably late June/July), but I can tell that La Nuit is the standout product for my needs.

4.  White with Black Accent Heels

I have come to the conclusion that I am desperately in need of white heels with black accents for my summer work wardrobe. I'm loving clean, crisp white with black accents in general (I love my Michael Kors Hamilton).  My only issue is that I have wide, wide feet and can't cram my feet into a medium width shoe. Readers, if you have any ideas for wide width shoes that fit this general theme, please leave them in the comments!

Here are a few that caught my eye but don't come in wide:

Kenneth Cole Watts Pointy-Toed Pump, $133.96 (sale) at Nordstrom

Badgley Mischka Talia Platform Pump, $146.98 (sale) at Nordstrom
J. Renee Marva Pump, $89.95 at Nordstrom

Calvin Klain Kammy Pumps, $34.99 at 6pm

Steve Madden Equality Pump, $73.99 at 6pm
Badgley Mischka Talia Pump, $184.99 at 6pm

Those are some of the things that I'm either on the lookout for or have caught my eye.  What are you dreaming of lately?

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