Friday, May 9, 2014

Clarins Shimmer Oil

The return of late spring and summer heat means that it's around this time that pantyhose are discarded in all but the most ultra-conservative of offices.  For an alabaster beauty such as myself, this means that I need to do some work on my legs so that they don't scare small children.  For me, this routine is two-part: self-tanner and a daily shimmer product to give a soft glow. I was looking for something to replace the now-discontinued Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss that I've been using on my legs.  Clarins is a brand that I haven't explored much, but I've been really impressed by the few products I've tried.

I suspect that Clarins Shimmer Oil ($32/3.3oz) will be one of those love/hate products for most.  I'm honestly not sure how well this will work on a darker skintone.  Temptalia reviewed this rather poorly last summer, reinforcing my suspicions that my ultra-fair complexion is right in the sweet spot for Clarins Shimmer Oil, and my intentions for the product just right.

That said, I have a major problem with the design and material of the bottle.  When I see the lovely 3.3oz glass bottle, I can envision the inevitable catastrophe. Likewise, this is a regular glass bottle with considerable heft. To apply the product, one has to tip the bottle into your hand. That would be easier if the product was thicker- but this is water-like.

That aside, let's talk about what I was looking for and why this product works perfectly for me:
  • Adds subtle glow- I'm looking for an enhancement to my skin, not something that screams "I put bronzer on my legs!"
  • Not overly glittery- this is primarily for an office environment
  • Not very dark- Have I mentioned how pale I am, even with self-tanner?
  • Appropriate for the legs- there are plenty of highlighters for the face, but not so many for the legs
 For reference, NARS Body Glow is both too dark and too expensive ($59/4 oz) for my tastes. I like the Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss bronzer, but I stocked up as it exited Sephora.

It's worth noting that this is a real oil and needs to be shaken. Otherwise, this happens:

You've probably noticed that there are a lot of words and not so many photos in this post. This product is extraordinarily difficult to photograph.  It gives a subtle improvement to your skin, but no obvious tint or glitter.  This truly makes your skin look better. It softens the glare of harsh office lighting and gives a soft glow.  It's perfect for a subtle look, but I wouldn't wear it without self-tanner.  This is one of those products I'd throw in with favorites like Guerlain's Meteorites- they just made you look better and put together, but it's hard to point at the product itself.

I purchased my Clarins Shimmer Oil at Nordstrom, but it's also available on the brand's website.  It's marked as a LE for Summer 2014.  I'll be purchasing a second bottle, but probably will be one of the few.

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