Monday, May 26, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection: 233 Split Fibre Eye Shadow Brush

Let me state this for the record: I used to be a total MAC devotee, but really got turned off by the way that the brand approaches limited edition collections. I find a few pieces per year that I purchase, but it takes a lot to pull me back in.  And the new Alluring Aquatic Collection pulled me right back in.  I've brought three items so far, and may be picking up several other pieces.

I was only able to find one of my coveted items in-store the day that the collection launched at counters: the 233 Split Fibre Eye Shadow Brush ($25).

The 233 brush is distinct for two reasons. First, the aestetic: it's the same beautiful brushed teal as the rest of the collection. It's a stunning brush.  Second, it's double-sided. One side has synthetic fibers, the other natural fibers.

Size-wise, it's almost identical to the 239, which is a staple in my daily routine. It might actually be identical, but I didn't pull out the tape measure.  It functions the same as the 239, though.

Is this a must-have? Probably not.  Have I been using it on a daily basis since I bought it? Yes.  I think it's a nice take on a classic shape and like getting two brushes in one.  I prefer the natural fiber side for powdery shadows and synthetic bristles for creamier formulas.

The 239 side/shape is perfect for lid work and is a true workhorse in my brush wardrobe. I reach for it on a a near-daily basis, so having another version is fun.  The teal shade is beautiful, but not required.

I recommend this brush to anyone who loves the 239 and wants a split-fiber alternative. It's the same price as the 239, so I look at it as a "why not?" type of purchase.

Unlike the other products, this seems to be still available via most retailers.

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