Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge La Base

Normally, I tend to blog about items that I've fallen in love with. Unfortunately, this won't be one of those reviews.

I was absolutely over the moon to discover Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge La Base on the 50% off table at the Lancome outlet last month.  Here was a current product that retails for $30 that I was able to snag for the thrifty price of $12.25 plus tax.  Score of the century, right?


I've been playing around with La Base ever since and feel that it's one of the most underwhelming products I've ever tried. It didn't harm me, but I can't figure out a single benefit from the product.

First, I tried it as a primer. Call something La Base and I'll use it as a primer.  My lipstick (I tested multiple brands and formulas) actually wore quicker. I give it an F as a primer.

I take extra points off for the awful smell. I can't identify it, but hate it in the tube and loathe it on my lips. It's not pleasant.

Then, I tried it as a lip balm. Surely if it's a failure as a primer then it's a great balm, right?  Wrong once again. It has no hydrating properties and requires near-constant application. With every application comes the awful scent.

Simply because I spent $12.25 on it, I'll continue to experiment. I'm so glad that I didn't spend $30 on this.

Have any of you tried L'Absolu Rouge La Base? Did you get it to work for you? How?

I really hate being harsh on a product, so I do wonder if I'm just not using it properly. As it stands, there are $1.99 chapsticks that do more for your lips.  I do give high marks for the posh packaging though...

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