Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dior Creme Abricot

Today I'm going to share with you one of my beauty secrets.  I keep my cuticles and nails in good shape despite changing polish frequently with Dior Creme Abricot.  I've tried many nail products and keep coming back to my beloved Dior.

Dior's Creme Abricot is advertised as a nail cream.  I can attest that it nourishes nails as well as cuticles. I always rub this into my bare nails and cuticles.

One of the keys is the amount that you need.  The cream on the lid is more than enough for both hands, possibly twice each.  Price per use is pennies, and the benefit is stunning. I can't remember what my hands were like before I started using it.

Bottom Line: A container lasts forever. This is a splurge that any beauty lover would love for the holidays, or for a treat at any point.  It's worth every penny.

Pricing/Availability: $24.50, via Dior retailers or their website

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