Saturday, November 30, 2013

The System by Formula X: A Second Look

I previously lamented about my experiences with the new Formula X and The System here.  In the month since, I picked up a set of my own during the VIB Sale (haul here).  I've been wearing it with every mani since, and have some new observations about The System that make it worth revisiting after just one month.

Just a quick word of warning- if this is incoherent at all, I haven't been able to have anything but clear liquids for almost 36 hours and I'm a bit shaky.

To review, The System consists of four Steps.

Step 1: Cleanse (blue liquid)
Step 2: Primer (pink base coat)
Step 3: Color
Step 4: Shine (top coat)

I purchased this because I enjoy matching polish with top/base coat.  As it turns out, Formula X can be used with any number of polishes.

Test #1: Formula X

I documented my woes in this post. I found The System lasted less than one day without a chip.

Test #2: Burberry

I'll save my full review of Burberry polish until later, but The System lasted two days for me with this formula.

Test #3: Dior

I tried it on two different polishes; I got the same result. About 2-3 days without chips with The System.

Test #4: Tom Ford

This had the best result, but I'm not sure if it's the nail lacquer or The System.  I got 5+ days wear.  I haven't tried other top coats, but got great wear time with The System and won't be trying others any time soon.

Overall, now that I've looked at The System for a full month, I find it a great value and would recommend it for anyone.  At $32 for three steps plus a bottle of colored lacquer, it's a deal.  Even though my wear times varied wildly, it's the best that I've found (aside from Deborah Lippmann's Gel Lab paired with Deborah Lippmann polishes) on the market.

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