Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quick 5: Q+A with your Quirky Beauty

I thought this might be fun- somewhat of a Q+A with your Quirky Beauty!  Please submit your own questions via the comment feature or via email.

1. How many products do you use for your everyday look and what brands are they from?

Even though today is a weekend, I did a look that I'd do for work.  Here's the breakdown of my products. It looks far worse than it actually is. This includes primers but does not include skincare.  Anastasia Beverly Hills- 3, Benefit- 2, Chanel- 1, Dior-4, Hourglass- 1, Marc Jacobs- 2, Make Up For Ever- 2 , NARS-3

2. How many brushes are you using?

Today, I used 9 brushes. 1- for concealer, 1- for brows, 1- for foundation, 1- for powder, 1- for blush, 1- for highlighter, 3- colors of eyeshadow.  They're a mix of Sephora, Tarte, Anastasia, and MAC.

3. How long do you test a product before reviewing it?

It really depends on several factors: first, the amount of time that I have to blog.  I'm pretty much limited to writing on the weekends. I also have to get all of my decent photos outside.  Second, the product itself.  I can dash off a review of a lipstick or lip gloss after I've worn it twice, in my opinion.  An eyeshadow palette or set of tools obviously takes much more time.  I've been testing several products for a week already and finally feel prepared to write an honest review- if I can grab the photos I need!

4.  You're always buying new products- do you ever finish anything?

Absolutely. I've actually been repurchasing products lately (other than staples like cotton, nail polish remover, brush cleaner, etc).  Within the past week, I had to repurchase my exfoliator, a concealer (although there's still a bit left), and my eyeshadow primer. I'm keeping track of these throughout the year. I've also replenished my eye cream twice, night cream, toner, and daytime moisturizer.

5. What's your best time-saving tip?

Multitask.  For instance, I keep my morning cleanser and exfoliator in the shower so I can be working on my face while my conditioner soaks in. For a bonus, I'll admit that I have to organize myself the night before so I can't choose from my entire collection while getting ready.

That's it for the first try at this!  I'd much rather

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