Saturday, July 29, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

I have a pair of posts for you today that is different. Yes, it's back to another ABH product- but I'm going to review 2 of the same item today! Let's get our glow on!

Today I have something a bit different from our lips and eyes routine: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit. This Glow Kit retails for $40 and contains 6 square pans. Each pan contains 4.2g/0.15oz of product.

The Aurora Glow Kit is the second of ABH's more exotic Glow Kits, and was originally released on their website earlier this spring. It came to Ulta, Sephora, and Beautylish back in June. It's now widely available.

Although I'm a highlighter fiend, I tend to avoid reviewing them because they're hard to show. Highlighters are a very personal product, and personal preference is everything. Aurora's colors aren't necessarily everyday shades for me, but it's a lot of fun to have.

Now, let's take a look:

My only nitpick with the ABH Glow Kits is the lack of a mirror, but you're getting six highlighters for $40. Becca highlighters, on the other hand, have a mirror and are what, $38 each? I'll provide my own mirror.

The six highlighters might be scary, but let's examine them individually.

Eclipse is a peach highlighter with silver reflects. This is one of two more everyday shades, in my opinion.

Luna is a silvery white- the type of color I normally love.

Spectra is a warm lavender. This should be an eyeshadow for me, right?

Helia is a pistachio green with silver reflects.

Orion is a straight up light blue with silver reflects.

Lyra is an orange highlighter with silver glitter.

OK, let's look at some swatches under various lighting conditions. Remember, I'm a NW13-15.

Look how gorgeous! This the most accurate, look how soft and lovely the shades are. Keep in mind that I didn't use a highlighter brush to swatch either.

Now, let's look at these swatches in ambient:

And even though this is overexposed, it captured the sparkle:

I adore this palette. I use a fan brush and an incredibly restrained hand. It's such a fun and funky palette. Even Helia works on my skin- and I like also using these in the inner corner.

I don't show highlighter on my face because I prefer a more natural and blended look, even with pop highlighters and they're hard to see.

No, I can't use all of these on the face as highlighters but it's so much fun to have these around to play with.

Bottom Line: This would work awesomely on every single skin tone. I hope I've showed that even the ghostly pale can pull this off. It's available at so many retailers- if you haven't swatched it for yourself, don't let the blue scare you.

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