Friday, July 28, 2017

bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Today I'm so thrilled to finally be bringing you this post. This is one of those releases that was on my "I really need to review this" list, but kept getting bumped by other releases.

Someday I also plan to share with you my collection of the bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Lips, but today it's all about Statement Mattes!

Somewhat surprisingly (because I don't talk about this brand often), bareMinerals makes my favorite liquid lipstick. It's been my go-to in terms of nudes for months, but for Summer 2017, bareMinerals made a Statement!

Each of these Statement Matte Liquid Lips contain 4ml/0.13fl oz of product, and retail for $18 each. There are ten shades in the initial launch, and I have three to share with you: Luxe, VIP, and Juicy.

Let's start with Luxe.

Luxe, described as "dirty pastel pink," is probably the least bold of the shades. I'd been looking for a brighter light pink, so it seemed like a good place to try.

These have a lovely buttercream scent, and the bold shades have the same applicator as the nudes:

This honestly seems like an "anytime but middle of summer" shade for me. I tend to reach for warmer shades this time of year, but it's good to have this in my collection. These wear beautifully on my lips, even without a primer.

These colors- bright pink with a cool undertone- look great against my complexion.

I'll be pulling this back out as soon as the inferno subsides for certain.

Next up, VIP

This is described as "bold crimson," and I totally agree. It's a cooler-toned classic red.

I know that classic reds are a dime a dozen when it comes to matte liquid lips, but I wanted to nab one in my favorite formula.

I think these are universally flattering, even if it took me years to understand that.

I waffled between this shade and Fire, an orange red. I'm so glad that I picked VIP. It's stunning.

Last, I have my favorite of the bunch- Juicy.

It might look similar in the tube, but it's described as "poppy red." It's the color of my current obsession.

This just adds a punch to any outfit, and it's a chic and seasonally-appropriate pop of color.

I'm not sure if swatches do it justice. That final photo is actually in natural light one of the many, many times I've worn it.

This is a totally unexpected love of mine, and the lippie that started my obsession with these type of colors. It hasn't left my lip product holder that's a part of my everyday makeup drawer!

Let's wrap up with a group swatch:

Bottom Line: These are a mousse-like liquid lipstick that's comfortable even for sensitive lips. These are truly fantastic and last all day on me. I'm eyeing 2 or 3 more shades in the line to add to my collection right now! Don't sleep on these... they're awesome.

I also have picked up a few of the regular Statement Lipsticks- I'm in the midst of testing them at the moment!

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