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Kiko Mini Divas Capsule Collection for Summer 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I featured the Active Fluo x Kiko Capsule Collection on the blog (and loved it.) I think I mentioned that there are going to be a series of these capsule collections, and I'll try to grab as many of these as I can.

Next up, the Mini Divas collection (4 of 7). I love everything about this collection, which was designed by Bendetta Bruzziches. Warning: this post will be photo-heavy.

I'm just going to borrow from Kiko's website:

"In celebration of its 20th anniversary, KIKO MILANO has created 7 capsule collections in partnership with 7 emerging designers. Mini Divas is the fourth chapter of a story with colour and creativity at its very core. 
In collaboration with Vogue, KIKO has entrusted Benedetta Bruzziches, an emerging talent and owner of the Benedetta Bruzziches accessory brand, with the collection. Mini Divas pays modern-day homage to the glamour of the stars of the 1950s: makeup products and accessories designed for a sophisticated and magnetic look.
Blush, bronzing powder, mini baked eyeshadow, mascara with pencil for intense looks and small, jewel-like lipsticks that you can carry with you on-the-go in your new evening clutch bag await you, together with the most glamorous beauty accessories. These mini accessories are irresistibly seductive."

This whole collection called for me. I feel the glamour in the matte gold packaging, and in the classic colors. I almost felt like they had reached into my brain and pulled the colors I'm currently craving out!

Initially, I chose just one shadow but a couple of days later came back for more. I really wish more products were mini like this- I feel like I can actually finish these products! I really struggled with myself- I wanted to pick up the whole thing but that's just not realistic given my large collection.

Let's start with the mini shadow. There are four total of them, according to the website. These retail for $6 each, which isn't inexpensive given the size. That said, they're adorable.

These come impeccably presented:

C'mon, really? This is such attention to detail.

I selected 01 Balanced Champagne, the lightest of four baked shadows.

These weigh in at 0.5g/0.02oz each, and are incredibly tiny:

I wanted to make sure that you had that frame of reference because solo blog shots can be somewhat deceptive. Now,  back to the actual shade.

Note: I know there's a little glare on these shots, but I was more concerned with accurately representing the shade than making the overall packaging looking pretty.

It's just like any other baked shadow, so let's open it up:

Let's go to the authoritative source, Kiko's website:

"Mini wet & dry baked eyeshadow.
Easy-to-apply baked eyeshadow with a soft and silky texture. Immediate, rich and even colour pay-off. The high pearl percentage creates a powerful pearly or metallic result giving your eyes extra radiance. Its mix of spheric and polymer powders guarantees a smooth finish.
Use when wet for even more intense colour.
Available in 4 shades:
01 Balanced Champagne (pearl)
02 Radiant Copper (metallic)
03 Ritual Golden Brown (pearl)
04 Gleaming Gold (pearl)"

I'm not a stranger to baked shadow, but I was still really interested to try Kiko's formula both wet and dry. First- ambient lighting. Second- studio photography lights.

WOW. This is one of those rare baked shadows that performs so beautifully wet or dry. When I tested it, it lasted (and gleamed) on my eyes all day long. I'm going to buy more of Kiko's baked shadows in the future for certain.

Regarding the other shades in this collection, 02 Radiant Copper made my heart sing but I honestly have so many coppers. It's probably ideal for a medium-deep complexion. 03 Ritual Golden Brown is quite deep and not really my type of shade for this formula. 04 Gleaming Gold was a shade I was initially interested in, but wasn't as pigmented as 01 Balanced Champagne.

I feel like I could end this post here, but we're only just starting.

I also picked up all 3 of the mini lipsticks, because why not?

Like the eyeshadow, the packaging is far more luxe than the price point. All of the details are perfect.

It's clear that Kiko took great care even with the tiniest of details.

Each of the tubes looks like this:

You can tell the shade number and color by looking at the bottom of the tube. Now, before we get into each of the shades, let's talk details and description.

Each of the three shades (I bought them all) contain 1g/0.04oz of product and retail for $6 each. According to Kiko's website, they're all a demi-mat formula. I concur.

Here's the product description on the website (link above):

"Demi-mat mini lipstick
Features a smooth-gliding and comfortable texture that lasts, and provides excellent coverage with full, vibrant colour boasting a high concentration of pigment.
The perfect gift idea available in 3 trendy shades:
01 Practical Rose
02 Wieldy Geranium
03 Handy Orchid"

Shade 01 is Practical Rose.

This was the first shade I planned to pick up since I've been lemming a new nude.

Although this wasn't taken with it brand new, I thought this shot showed the color beautifully. Nail color isn't Chanel Black Pearl- it's a $1 new release from Kiko! Let me know if you'd like a full rundown in the comments.

Here's a Swatch in studio lighting:

Here's a swatch in ambient lighting:

Here's how it looks on my pigmented lips in studio lighting:

And in ambient:

Although I've been on the hunt for new nudes, this one's a bit chalky without some help (i.e. MAC Lip Erase). It's not my favorite of the collection, but it's still great. I have to be careful with this lighter shade to make sure my lips aren't dry in advance since it clearly shows every line! It does have enough pigmentation to cover my lips, so well done!

Next, Shade 02- Wieldy Geranium.

Spoiler: I am obsessed with this lipstick and am considering purchasing a backup. It's a gorgeous summer poppy red.

This is one of my favorite photos I've shot in awhile:

Swatches under studio/photography lights:

Swatches in warm ambient lighting:

Here's how it looks on the lips with studio lighting:

OK, can we just say WOW?!?!

Here's how it looks in ambient lighting:

I've been obsessed with poppy reds like this for the past month or so- it's great to finally have this color in lipstick form. I've already worn this several times and I love it.

Finally, Shade 03-Handy Orchid.

I really went back and forth as to whether I should buy this or not. I love ABH Grape Jelly, and this is in that same vein.

It's a beautiful warm purple that's flattering for summer. I'm normally a bit hesitant to play with these colors but have been expanding my horizons as of late.

Let's go to the swatches. I only have a studio lighting swatch for some reason, but this captures the shade perfectly.

Here's how it translates to my lips. First, with studio lighting:

And with warm ambient room lighting:

This is surprisingly far more wearable than I thought. It doesn't really go with the on-trend warm shadows but it's a fun change of pace for me. I'll be wearing this quite a bit.

Just for easy visual reference, here are all 3 lipsticks swatched together.

First, in studio lighting:

Next, in warm ambient room lighting:

Overall, I adore this formula, these lipsticks, these colors, and how they perform. I don't find them super long-wearing, but I also hydrate constantly in the summer.

I'll also show you the GWP charm I received for buying 3+ items in the collection:

Bottom Line: I am in love with this whole collection and really am thinking of visiting my local Kiko store and purchasing the skincare, mini blush, and mini bronzer. The purse also is incredible. I love the aesthetic of this collection, the packaging, the shades... everything is so me. Although some may find the mini sizes a bit off-putting, I think it's perfect as someone with a large collection. Whether it's because you're a traveler, you want to tuck these in your purse, or if you have a large stash, minis are so practical. When was the last time you finished a lipstick? I can't remember.

The execution of this collection makes it one of my favorites as of late, and the products perform beautifully.

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