Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Urban Decay Shape Shifter Contour Palette

Anyone who has been paying attention to my weekly drawers knows that I've been playing with the new Urban Decay Shape Shifter Contour Palette in Light/Medium ($45) for more than a month. I'll 100% admit that this was an impulse purchase in Ulta one night. That said, I have thoughts. Many thoughts. I also don't regret the impulse.

I'm not always the most consistent when it comes to contouring. Let's just get that on the record.

This is a new product in that it combined both powder and cream contours into one palette. It's a great concept, and nice for travel.

The compact is rather slender and is gorgeous.

This reminds me of the UD Naked Ultimate Basics- only in a taupe.

A++++ on packaging.

In total, the palette contains 5 x 2.15g of cream products and 4 x 3.7g of powder products.

I think the one of the coolest thing is how this is laid out:

Normally, I detest mixed cream/powder palettes, but UD solved it by putting a mirror between the two!

Let's start out with my favorite formulation- powder.

This shows up much cooler than real-life, but since I've swatched and abused it, I didn't want to reshoot in different lighting. My swatches are more true-to life.

You get a champagne shimmer highlight, what works for me as a slightly yellow face powder, a contour, and a deep, red bronzy shade. Only the highlighter is shimmery; the rest are matte.

This shows a bit more of the powder texture, but again- this pulls cooler than real life.

Since I've been playing with this, I've noted just how pigmented these are. When I use them, I absolutely have to tap off my brush. And then tap again. And then use a light hand. That said, I like this kit.

Now, over to my arch enemy- cream products.

For whatever reason, I struggle with cream products. In this palette, you get a shimmer highlight, a light peach corrector, a concealer-type color, a deeper warm brown, and a dark cool brown.

Swatched from the highlighter- deep shade.

I think I could use the peach corrector with a light hand, and if I blend like crazy and use a teeny bit the contour shade might work. The highlight is beautiful. I'm too pale for the others.

Bottom Line: This is a highly pigmented palette. I think it has an innovative shape and design, and am enjoying trying to challenge myself to use it.

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