Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2017 Lip Glosses

Anastasia Beverly Hills recently released ten lip glosses as a part of their Summer 2017 collection. I picked up five of them to add to my growing ABH gloss collection.

The Basics:
Price: $16/4.5g
Retailers: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora, Ulta, Macys

First, let's just talk about the formula. I've become addicted to the ABH glosses and have been wearing them rather than lipstick or liquid lipstick as of late. It just feels right for summer. These are extremely pigmented, and the shades that appear opaque are- and last for hours.

I picked a representative subset from the collection, but let's talk about the ones that I didn't purchase first.

  • Girly, described by the ABH website as "sparkling pink with coral reflect", is one of few sheer shades  in the lineup and similar to glosses I've owned and not worn from MAC in the past. 
  • Maple, a "iridescent coppery brown," would be glorious on a deeper skin tone but not for me.
  • Parfait, a "metallic coral with rose gold finish" was pretty but just didn't capture my attention for some reason.
  • Rum, a "warm reddish brown," was beautiful on a deeper skin tone.
  • Toffee, a "light warm brown", was too similar to the other 2 neutrals that I purchased; I went for the lighter and darker option instead.

Now, onto the fun part- the five shades that I did purchase!

Amber, a "peachy beige," was the lighter of two nudes and a bit tricky for me to pull off. I'll work with it for the rest of the summer though. And it did cover my lips 100%.

Caramel, a "soft pinky brown", might be my favorite of the group. I wore it to work two days and got compliments about my lip color. This is such an easy summer color that pairs so well with the trendy warm looks. This is such a love.

Grape Jelly, a "vivid blue purple," is the bold lip of the group and a fun pop. Just for fun, I decided to play with some color. This is also very similar to the new bareMinerals Statement Matte in OMG (I had both swatched on my hand in Ulta and went with the gloss because, summer.

Moon Jelly, a "sparkling diamond white with a blue reflect," is almost impossible to capture on camera. It's really one of those topcoats that you have to see in person.

St. Tropez, a "iridescent rose gold" is a gorgeous study in metallic gloss. It's similar to Antique Rose, only lighter. This is another purse-dwelling candidate.

Here is a group swatch, in order:

They're all unique and beautiful.

Bottom Line: This is one of my favorite gloss formulas, and ABH has done a fantastic job curating a variety of shades for summer. These are pigmented and long-lasting. If you haven't checked them out, you should.

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