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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Beauty Exclusives: Winky Lux Besties Nude Lip Set

Today I have the final post from my giant Nordstrom Anniversary sale haul. It took me a bit longer to get through everything (I'd hoped to have all posts live on/before the 20th), but life intervened. I guess that's part of having a full-time job and blogging on the side. Candidly, I also hit some serious writers' block because of the number of nude lips I've been reviewing lately. That makes me sad, because the set I'm about to share with you comes from a brand that excites me and I honestly want to try more products from.

A few days ago, I shared with you the more popular set by the brand Winky Lux that's on offer for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017. It seems that the brand is determined to wiggle into my world; I reviewed the primer a few weeks ago and have their brow pencil from my Boxycharm to review.

The Your Bestie The Nudes Trio retails for $22 and contains three full-size products: Matte Lip Velour in Meow, Glossy Boss in Truffle, and Creamy Dreamies in Leche.

Like the other set, you get an awesome gold bag that's more than generously sized:

Unlike the balm set, this one comes with some added fun inside:

You know, it's the little details of this whimsical brand that just make me want to explore it more!

Here's the contents:

This set has three of what the brand is calling their bestsellers. Spoiler: they're all nudes/naturals.

This set contains the Lip Velour in Meow, Creamy Dreamies in Leche, and Glossy Boss in Truffle.

Let's start with the two lipsticks.

What's the fun of having a new faux fur rug (check my Instagram) if I can't use it when photographing more whimsical products?
A huge caveat: these little guys are hard to photograph because they don't have flat edges. The packaging is adorable but tough to sit still!

Creamy Dreamies lipstick in Leche is described as "brownish nude."

 Each of these lipsticks contain 0.14oz of product, and normally retail for $14. This shade, Creamy Dreamies, is my type of rosy nude.

I find the formula very balm-like and easy to wear. The little pill-like tube also pops into your bag quite nicely and easily.

Let's go to a swatch- these are very balmy, soft lipsticks.

And on my pigmented lips- look just how flattering it is!

I get about 4-5 hours of wear time, unless I'm snacking and drinking. Then again, you wouldn't expect this type of formula to live up to that type of abuse. My lips are rather sensitive as of late, so I enjoyed the hydrating aspect of the formula. I'll check out more shades for sure.

Now, onto the matte formula.

The Lip Velour in Meow is described as "universal pink-toned neutral." Like the other lipstick, you receive 0.14oz for a normal $14.

This little guy wanted to roll away from me, but I think I got a decent shot that showcases the matte aspect of the product:

These are billed as long-lasting; compared to the last one I'd agree. I get a solid 6-7 hours naturally- and it survived very light sipping on water.

Let's go to a lip swatch. Because it's a matte, my texture showed a bit. Don't let that sway you about this formula.

In terms of mattes, this is a very comfortable one. Yes, we're all got so many neutrals, but this is a lovely one.

Now, onto the lone gloss.

In this kit, you'll receive the Glossy Boss in Truffle, described as "tan nude." It's a lovely neutral shade.  You receive 0.25oz of product; these normally retail for $15 each.

When I was doing my research, the brand's claim of including Vitamin E and food-grade vanilla in their formula jumped out at me. Vitamin E is so amazing for the lips, and any brand that cares enough about their customers to use food grade ingredients gets respect from me. The average woman eats several tubes of lip products throughout their lifetime just in normal wear; food-grade ingredients make me feel better.

The packaging itself is very cute- I love that the shade is very visible but the bit of detailing makes it a bit lux.

The wand is small, but I don't mind it. Being able to have more control is a good thing. Let's go to a slightly-blurry swatch:

This is just a good, not-too-sticky neutral gloss that's good to have in your bag.

And yes, it worked well on my pigmented lips.

Finally, let's look at a group swatch of all three products, in the order that I reviewed them:

I've had a good experience with every product I've tried from the brand. They also have fantastic online engagement (sorry, but I get all the feels as a small blogger if the brand likes a post of mine on Instagram!). Overall, this gives me an incredibly positive view of the brand. I think I want to go onto their site (or Nordstrom, for the rewards) and purchase a heap of products to really give you a brand overview because I'm intrigued. Since all of the lip products I've tried have been emollient, it will have to wait until probably September. But I really want to try them!

Bottom Line: I remain really impressed by this brand that I just stumbled upon within the past couple of months. You can barely get a three piece kit at the drugstore for $22, let alone a brand carried by Nordstrom. I haven't had time to extensively test the formulas (more than once each), but these will stay in frequent rotation for awhile. I'm stunned that the kit's still in stock. Go pick it up- you won't be sorry that you did!

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