Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2017 Eyeshadows (Part II)

This is the second half of the swatches of the new Summer 2017 releases because the post was getting stupidly long.

Just to recap, Anastasia Beverly Hills released 12 shadow pans with the summer collection. Nine are brand-new, and three were previously released in Modern Renaissance. Here are all of the shade names:Vermeer (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Ballet, Love Letter (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Realgar (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Sunset, Brick, Rose Gold, Golden Copper, Tiger's Eye, Venice, Gemstone, Enchanted.

We already swatched and compared Vermeer, Ballet, Love Letter, Realgar, Sunset, and Brick earlier today. Let's focus on Rose Gold, Golden Copper, Tiger's Eye, Venice, Gemstone, and Enchanted in this post.

Rose Gold is next up. The brand calls it a "duochrome pink coral." I call it gorgeous.

This is the type of shade that I hoard in my collection. I find rose golds are exceptionally flattering on my blue eyes.

Here it is, first in studio lighting:

And in ambient:

It's a lot redder than the average rose gold, but I love how blendable it is and how unique it is in my collection, It's another winner.

Golden Copper is the next shade up. It's described by the brand as "metallic sunset bronze." It's another shade that's just beautiful to me.

Let's go to the swatch:

It's another great one for the lid, and blends well with other shades. This is one of the things that I adore about ABH metallic shadows- they're generally not chunky and blend like a dream.

Tiger's Eye is up next. According to the brand, it's a "duo-chrome patina gold."

This is really one of the lighter shades- but it's nice for a summer day.

In studio lighting:

And in ambient lighting:

It's vaguely reminiscent of old gold, and it's nice.

Venice, a "duo chrome turquoise", strangely was the first shade in this collection to catch my eye. I'm not a big blue eyeshadow fan but this looked amazing.

Here it is in studio lighting:

And in the ambient:

I didn't do this for any other shade, but I wanted to pick one to show how buttery and beautiful these are on the lids:

This is so stunning and pigmented. It performs like most of the other shades in this collection- just perfect.

Gemstone, our next shadow, is a gorgeous pinky purple. The brand describes it as "duo chrome violet orchid."

Here's a studio swatch:

And an ambient swatch:

Overall, I probably would've skipped this if I wasn't determined to purchase the full collection because I have so many warm purple metallics. I would've missed out on this shade which is somehow a bit unique in my collection. It performs the same as all of the others- flawlessly.

Enchanted, a "duo chrome royal purple," is the final shade and also the second shade that called my name from the collection.

Enchanted under studio lighting:

And under ambient:

I'm going to be 100% and note that I haven't started playing with it yet on the eyes but it's so buttery and beautiful. I see this as more of a fall color, but it takes my breath away.

WOW. If you've made it to the end of this. you're either really interested in these colors or love the brand. These are truly stunners and most are worth the pricey $12/pan.

Lastly, here's two group swatches. The first, with labels, is a bit washed out. The second, without swatches, is a bit more true to color.

Bottom Line: This is my favorite formulation of eyeshadows, and I love these new colors. Having some fun shades for summer is totally seasonally appropriate, but I'll be reaching for these year-round.

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