Monday, July 31, 2017

Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation

Although I don't need any more foundation, I couldn't resist a recent sale on that allowed me to scoop this up and give it a good test.

Let's go to the box for the claims.

  • Medium to full, build able coverage with a natural, radiant finish.
  • Advanced multi-reflective color pigments play with light to instantly even skin tone and reduce the appearance of imperfections
  • Contains an Electrolyte Balance System, a carefully combined complex of Ionized Water, advanced Hyaluronic Acid and essential minerals to help hydrate and nourish for skin that glows with healthy radiance. 
  • Fragrance-free.

And now the directions:

Shake well before use. Using your fingers or brush #33, blend over face, building where more coverage is needed.

So, I totally discarded the directions and did my own thing. That's makeup, right? I dabbed with my finger and then used a damp beauty sponge. I used 2.5 pumps for my entire face, and that gave me an even medium coverage.

I was prepared to detest this foundation. Here's the truth: I fell in love with the finish so much that I did a whole cream products face because I didn't want to powder!

Like some of the other recent posts I've done, I took the following in-post notes in real time to capture my thoughts as the day progressed. (Yeah, we'll get to that creasing concealer soon. It's in the bad pile.)

Application: Similar consistency to Bobbi Brown serum foundation. More body than NYX dropper foundation and Catrice. Nice medium coverage in one coat- don't want to powder.

0h30: Rest of makeup on, cream products blended nicely on top. I'm rocking a very natural, summer-appropriate look today.

2h30: Overall, looking good. Serious issues around my nose- add that to the "must powder areas." Blame that on tester error. Everywhere I see foundation without powder otherwise just looks like natural, radiant skin.

3h30: Hmmm... a bit more wear.

4h30: Oh my goodness, where did it go?!? Breakdown on my cheeks even. That said, I need to try this powdered all over for a fair try.

5h30: OK, this is odd. My forehead is in-tact; my cheeks, nose, and chin broke down. Time to take this off.

Given that I always powder, I decided to give this a second chance. It wasn't the most long-wearing foundation, but using Laura Mercier translucent powder prolonged the breakdown until about 7-8 hours.

I don't think this is meant for me this time of year, but I'll pull it back out of the drawer after the heat and humidity break. If you have normal-dry skin (I morph from that to a combo-oily beast with our heat and humidity each summer), I think you'll like it. Likewise, if you don't need to powder your foundations, I really think you should get a sample to try. I love the overall look the first few hours.

Let's talk about the mechanics of the foundation for a second. This is a dropper foundation:

It performed about the same (although a little worse in the long run) than the other droppers in my drawer (that's the NYX, Bobbi Brown, and Catrice if you're wondering).

In terms of shade match, I went with Fair, the lightest.

Not an exact match, but workable with my NW13-15 skin. This is a fairly limited range, with only 10 shades. Not a fan of that.

Bottom Line: Given the number of foundations that I have in my drawer, it says something that I'm determined to make this work overall. I think I tried it the wrong type of year for me- and don't recommend it for oily skinned friends.

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