Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Glitter Tuesday: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows for Summer 2017:

Welcome to Glitter Tuesday (back after a minor Nordstrom sale disruption)!

Just a spoiler alert, we're going to work our way through all of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows before we start playing in glitter pigments and I finally reveal my Lit Glitters collection.

Today we're going to explore Stila's Summer 2017 offerings. They released three duochrome shadows for the summer, with a slightly different formula. Like the others, they retail for $24 each and are available at the usual retailers.

There are three shades: Sunset Cove, Sea Siren, and Into the Blue.

Let's start with the lightest (and one of my favorites), Sunset Cove:

Sunset Cove is a pink glitter with green duochrome. It's really tricky to capture, hence the plethora of photos. It's easy to distinguish from Sea Siren when they're side by side, but they might look similar apart,

I think you can see the green shift in some of these photos. On the eye, this translates into dancing light- and is totally wearable for someone like me.

I just wanted to remind about the applicator. You can use it on the eye directly. But the next photo shows you how I use it.

Yes, I use a Bath & Body Works candle lid as a palette. It's cheap and easy. All I do is pick it up with a tiny brush like a MAC 228.

Let me show you how it subtly glows on the eye:

Gorgeous and totally summer-appropriate. The other pink shadow? Colourpop Say I Do. I adore this shade so much and am close to being brave enough to wear it into the office.

Next up, Sea Siren. This is a light purple with a blue shift. I know it looks similar to Sunset Cove, but I swear that they're quite different.

I think this looks a little warmer than it translates on the eye.

This is a cool-toned shade with quite a bit more pigment than the last shade I shared.

Let's jump straight to it on the eye. I kept the blurry open eye shot in because the blue shift is especially apparent.

This is such a flattering, cool-toned purple shade. I think it's a great shade for spring and summer- and even the depths of icy winter. I look forward to wearing this a lot more than I have.

The last shade is Into the Blue. This is a deep blue with purple duochome- and I've been wearing the heck out of it.

This one is totally unmistakable.

Look at the bubble below- I told you I've been wearing this a lot!

More shots of this glorious shade:

OK, let me share a look that I previously shaded on Instagram that perfectly showcases this shade. I'm just going to drop the mic.

I'm in love.

Here's a group swatch (Sea Siren, Sunset Cove, Into the Blue) in Studio Lighting:

The same swatches, in ambient lighting:

Bottom Line: I really like these three summer shades. Yes, they're a different formula and require a bit of finesse to apply. Sunset Cove is one of my favorite shades in the entire range because it's so wearable. I also like the smaller glitter and wish Stila would incorporate it into additional shades going forward.

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