Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2017 Eyeshadows (Part I)

I have today the new Summer 2017 eyeshadow releases from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Along with the 10 new glosses, we received a collection of 12 eyeshadow singles. They are, in shade order:Vermeer (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Ballet, Love Letter (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Realgar (previously released in Modern Renaissance Palette), Sunset, Brick, Rose Gold, Golden Copper, Tiger's Eye, Venice, Gemstone, Enchanted.

Even though I have the Modern Renaissance palette, I purchased all twelve of these for my collection- and for review. To be honest, I wanted Vermeer for my ABH palette that basically lives in my Everyday Makeup Drawer, and then I was only left with two other shades. Once you're ten shades in, what's another $24? Plus, this gives me the added bonus of being able to compare the palette formulation to the singles.

A quick note on Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow singles. They retail for $12 per 1.7g/0.059oz pan. If you purchase 4, that price is lowered to $10 each and you receive a free 4-pan palette. These truly are eyeshadow pans, and come in cardboard sleeves like this:

They work wonderfully either with the 4-pan palettes or in any magnetic palette of your choice.

I happen to prefer Tarte's magnetic palettes, which retail for $17, contain a mirror, and are very sturdy. I can fit 30 ABH shadows per palette. I'm working on palette #2 already but don't regret it.

The vast majority of these shades are metallic or shimmery; the brand gained cult status for its mattes originally. So I'm excited to play with some color!

Vermeer is considered a satin eyeshadow on Sephora's website, but the Anastasia Beverly Hills website describes it as "pearl metallic." I'm going with the brand on this one.

This is one of my favorite shades in the Modern Renaissance palette, so I knew I needed it for my staple ABH palette ASAP. I find that putting Buon Fresco in the crease and Vermeer on the lid makes for such a sophisticated, mauvey look that's perfect for a professional workplace. It's one of my go-tos when I have a navy suit on.

Fashion aside, let's swatch this bad boy. First swatch (as always) is studio lighting, second is ambient room lighting:

Now, let's compare it to the Modern Renaissance palette.

On the left, the single pan. On the right, the pan in the palette.

Now this is why I wanted to test out a comparison. I'd heard rumblings that there were slight formula variations, and you can see it with Vermeer. The palette form is a little more pearl and lighter than the single pan. I prefer the palette form, but will love both equally.

Ballet, our next shadow, is one of the Shimmer finish shadows according to Sephora, but Anastasia Beverly Hills describes it as "metallic seashell pink." Yep, going with the brand again.

I was initially a little hesitant about this shade because I don't wear bright pinks on my lid that often. I should've trusted ABH, because this is beautiful even with my skin tone.

I still think that this is a tricky color for me to wear, but it's beautiful. I have nothing quite like it in my collection.

Love Letter is the next shade. It's another of the Modern Renaissance shadows, and our first matte. It's a deep fuchsia matte.

I tend to shy away from colors like this, but I need to just trust ABH,

Let's compare it to the pan in the Modern Renaissance palette. On the left is the single, on the right is the Modern Renaissance pan.

Fairly close, but I think the pan in the Modern Renaissance palette is slightly cooler. I find this shade to be one that only a touch in the outer V is all that I can do, to be honest.

Realgar is the next shade. It's another of the Modern Renaissance shadows, and our another matte. It's an orange matte.

Since I've been playing with so many colors like this recently, it's not that intimidating to me.

Let's compare it to the pan in the Modern Renaissance palette. On the left is the single, on the right is the Modern Renaissance pan.

I think that the pan in the palette is slightly more pigmented, but it's close.

Sunset is our next pan. It's a metallic shadow that I find to be glorious. It's one of my new favorites. According to the brand, this is a metallic copper penny.

This is such a great everyday all-over lid shade, especially during the summer. ABH hit it out of the park with it, in my opinion.

Studio lights:
Natural lighting:

So beautiful, right?

Brick is next up. It's another matte shadow. According to the brand, this is an "ultra-matte rust clay." It's also darker than Realgar and more reddish.

Let's go to the swatch:

It's really nice for warm looks, especially since ABH matte are amongst the best.

This brings us halfway through- given that I'm working my way through all of these I'm going to stop the post for now. I'll post the other six shades later today!

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