Sunday, July 23, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer

Although I've been loving so many Anastasia Beverly Hills products as of late, I've avoided the line's base products until recently. Perhaps it's because I've heard poor reviews for my skin type with regards to the stick foundation that I skipped the concealer.

It took a sale over July 4th at Ulta that dropped the price from its normal $20 to a mere $10 to tempt me. Because I've spent $10 on a drugstore concealer!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer retails for $20, contains 10g/0.35oz, and is available in 15 shades. I purchased mine from Ulta, but it's also available via Macys and the brand's website. As I've started to note, ABH is a cruelty free brand. (I'm not cruelty free but I know this is rather important to many consumers. I tend to purchase cruelty free when I can, but I do review EL, L'Oreal, etc. Please note- any attacking comments will be removed.)

I nabbed the lightest shade- 0.5- as a hunch. I was right, as the shade works wonderfully on my natural NW13-NW15 skin.

With the notable exception of the NARS Soft Matte Concealer, I generally hate pot concealers. This looks similar to the eyeliner and Dipbrow pots, only it's concealer.

The container has frosted glass look, although it's a plastic jar. I'll readily admit that my expectations were rather low.

Alright, enough rambling. Let's open this up.

This initially comes with a plastic covering across the concealer (see the small tab on the left?)

With that open, I can see that 0.5 is a creamy neutral, slightly leaning yellow shade. It wasn't until I dipped into it that I could tell anything about consistency or coverage until I swatched it:


After testing this for a week or so on a daily basis, I have so many wonderful things to say about it. It's glorious for spot concealing, but it's not an undereye concealer. Just the tiniest pin prick covers so much, and the amount of pigmentation is mind-boggling. I found that this lasts all day and even looks natural, blended out when wearing a tinted moisturizer. I'm just sorry that I hadn't tried it earlier.

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful, full-coverage concealer that I recommend checking out, especially if you're able to catch it on sale. It leaves a radiant finish- a perfect compliment to my other favorite potted concealer (NARS Soft Matte). It's overwhelming just how little you need to use, and this pot will last forever. This is not an undereye concealer. But it's gorgeous as a spot concealer and to cover larger red areas.

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