Monday, July 3, 2017

It's All About That Catrice Base: HD Liquid Coverage & All Matt Plus Foundations, Liquid Camouflage Liquid Coverage Concealer, and Prime & Fine Primers

Today's post started out in my head as a first impressions of a new foundation from Catrice Cosmetics (HD Liquid Coverage Foundation), and evolved into a review of all of the base products I own from the brand. Sometimes that just happens.

For those who aren't familiar, Catrice Cosmetics is a European drugstore band. It was introduced into the US market late in 2016 via the brand's website,, and select Ulta stores. Luckily, one of the stores that has a full Catrice setup is only a 15 min detour between my home and my childhood home. As a result, I've been able to grab a few items.

I will preface my review with this caveat: the shade selection is terrible. It's pale girl friendly but not WOC-friendly. So, I'm sorry to those who can't find a shade match.

The HD Liquid Coverage Foundation ($10.99, is a new release from Catrice. It's more expensive than the other foundation I have. But since I've had such a great experience with the All Matt Plus foundation, it was worth splurging on in a recent Ulta order.

It's quite a thin formula, as I accurately predicted given the packaging. It took quite a few dots but it did give me a nice, airbrushed look.

Here's a swatch of the lightest shade, 010 Light Beige:

For reference, I was about a NW13-15 when I took this photo.

Here's a glimpse of just the foundation, before setting with some Laura Mercier translucent powder. Yes, it did oxidize a bit- but this is also just how pale I am.

Overall, good coverage. I would either pull down my neck or use a very light powder.

It wore pretty well over the course of the day and didn't break up, using the Catrice primers.

Bottom Line: If you can find a shade to match you, I recommend trying this foundation. It feels lux for a budget price.

I only purchased the HD Liquid Coverage foundation based upon my experience with the All Matt Plus foundation ($8.99,

This is such amazing packaging- it's a glass bottle with... a PUMP.

I have shade 010 Light Beige, and this has become one of my go-to foundations on the weekend. It does stand up to my summer combo skin and doesn't break down. I will admit that it's quite light though. Here's a swatch:

It doesn't oxidize, either. I'd put it in my use up pile when it disappeared from Ulta's website, but now that I know it's on Catrice's site... I really do like this a lot.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend trying this out. It's a true matte, light drugstore foundation that stands up to all-day wear.

I also have one of Catrice's concealers- the Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer ($5.99).

It's supposed to be a full coverage concealer. The wand is flat, and the formula is similar to Urban Decay's Naked Skin concealer.

The shade's a bit dark for me (005 Light Natural) and it requires a couple of layers. Here's a swatch:

It has a formula that would work well under the eyes, so I tested it (again) when I tried the HD Liquid Foundation.

Clearly my dark circles were out to play. I took this before I set- and yes, it creased because I didn't set right away. I hate putting this photo up, but I'm being real.

Bottom Line: proceed with caution; I know of plenty of others who like the concealer as-is.

Just to wrap up this part of the post- here's a comparison swatch of the HD Liquid Coverage, All Matt Plus, and the Liquid Camouflage Concealer.

Now, let's talk some primer.

The Catrice Prime & Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base is a white, water-based fluid primer. It gives a soft finish but has no silicone in it. I find that it holds onto my makeup for a full day. It's oil free, and works for a full day even in the summer.

It blends out beautifully:

I also pair it in my trouble areas with the Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Primer.

It's a potted primer similar to the Winky Lux, Tarte, and L'Oreal versions.

It's a silicone primer that is lighter weight and feels more emollient than any of the others that I mentioned. I like it, but it's not my favorite in this category.

I have to be careful when I blend it out. This swatch is rather heavy:

Bottom Line: Catrice makes some awesome primers, and I look forward to trying some of the others.

I advertised this post as base products only, but I'll give you a peek at one of the other amazing product I've tried- the Liquid Metal eyeshadow.

That doesn't look like a $4.99 shadow, does it?

Bottom Line: I think Catrice is a value brand worth exploring. Its shade range for base products is limited, but the products punched well above their weight. Although it's mostly an online-only brand here in the US, it's worth checking out.

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