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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: QBB's Top Beauty Picks & Passes

I know most blogs posted this before Early Access, but I wanted to actually go, see, touch, and feel the products before giving my top beauty picks. I'll be posting my haul later. By the way- I've stopped using everything else that I didn't haul during the sale to try to review these kits ASAP. Here are my top makeup, skincare, body care, hair, tools, and fragrance picks from the sale. I won't tackle clothes for a reason we'll discuss in my haul.

I'm going to limit myself to 5 per category, max.


1. NARS Angel Pride Cheek Palette ($59)

Spoiler: you'll be hearing so, so much about this. NARS hit it out of the park again with this collection. For $59, you get Laguna, Hot Sand, and 4 new blushes in a nicely compact palette that's gorgeous to boot. Just do it.

2. BeautyBlender Air.port.Pro Set ($35)

For everyone who still uses the original beautyBlender, this rocks in value. I strongly considered it multiple times, but I can't do it. I like the L'Oreal and Real Techniques sponges too much. For $35, you get 2 blenders, a travel case (which I purchased on its own before), a mini cleanser. Great deal.

3. Guerlain Terracotta After Summer Chic Tropic Bronzing Powder ($78)

Another item I had to talk myself off the purchasing ledge from. It's Guerlain. It's a bronzer. It's gorgeous. It also looks like it's light skin friendly. These are always spectacular powders, and this appears to be right in line.

4. RMS Beauty Glowing Set ($80)

Had my local stores had this, I would've purchased it. I've been eyeing two of these products but know they won't hold up in the current summer shipping inferno. RMS Beauty is natural, subtle, and gorgeous. This is a great introduction to the line.

5. Chanel Rouge Nude Mood Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer Trio ($92)

In this kit is one of my favorite lip glosses- #119. The revamped Chanel Rouge Coco glosses are spectacular, and every lip lover should have a couple in their stash. I love that Chanel's finally putting out sets for the sale.

I could've picked more, but I said 5. And I didn't go with the Charlotte Tillbury picks that everyone's talking about. You're welcome. I actually only purchased one of those, so you'll get a great rundown of other products as well (part of why I was careful in my picks- I don't want to hammer the same 2 items over and over)


This is a category I didn't purchase for myself. (Spoiler)

1. AERIN Beauty Mediterranean Honeysuckle Collection ($140)

In case you've ever wondered what I smell like, I smelled like this for months. I only recently stopped using my bottle so I could savor the last 1/6 when the weather's a bit cooler. I received mine for "free" as one of the Sephora Rewards Baazar uber-expensive items; I have the large bottle of perfume, which was hand-painted by Aerin Lauder and she autographed the box. I love this as a spring and early summer fragrance; it's unique and not overly sweet. It's just a bit too sweet when it's 100 with a heat index of 115! I'm strongly considering this.

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Set ($110)

Fun fact: I also love the Nirvana sets; I have the original black and white kits that came with the fragrance, perfume oil, and travel sized rollerball from the first year of the launch. I subsequently came to purchase both dry shampoos. If you haven't tried these dry shampoos, they are divine and more than just fragrance. These are great dry shampoos! I'm not into the Rose scent enough to purchase the kit (I don't think), but this is an incredible value and I might just pick this up as a Christmas gift. They also have this in the Bourbon, Black, and White varieties.

My Skincare, Bodycare, Hair, and Tools Picks:

1. Simplehuman Round Sensor Mirror Pro 8" ($167.50)

There's a reason why this is already on back order. If you don't own one of these, stop what you're doing and purchase. Just do it. You will thank me later. I couldn't do my makeup without my Simplehuman. I love the rose gold and had to talk myself out of purchasing a second one just for the cute factor.

2. Bobbi Brown Instant Hydration Hydrating Skin Care Trio ($80)

This set has two full sized items, making it a great value for the money. I haven't played all that much with Bobbi Brown's skincare, but most of the items in this year's sale are deluxe minis- or one full size with other minis. This is mostly full-sized- making it one of the less-hyped value picks. If I didn't have several facial creams stacked up to try out, I'd have nabbed it myself. I have tried the eye cream and it's lovely.

3. Evian Facial Water Spray (6-pack) $21

If this is still around the next time I get paid, I'm going to pick this up. These are amazing to pop in your purse, for travel, etc. 6 for $21 is an insane value.... I may run over to the site and grab them now.

4. Kiehl's Jumbo Creme de Corps with Pump ($52)

I'm including this despite the fact that the scent is a bit much for me because this is a great value. For $52, you're going to be set on an ultra-hydrating lotion for a year. Not bad at all. There's also a 1L shower gel if that's more your speed for under $40.

5. Drybar Tressed to Impress Collection ($154)

I love these kits- I bought my Tress Press in a kit like this and discovered my HG heat protectant as a bonus product. Drybar's tools really are worth the investment, and the value here is insane.

And now, my Beauty Passes. I am in no way saying that these are bad products- it's usually a value proposition. I actually plan to purchase some of these items at a later date.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Set ($28)

Wait, WHAT?!? Yes, I'm advising you to pass on my favorite glosses. Why? There's literally zero discount; this same set's currently on the brand's website at this price. If you're watching your precious sale dollars, pass on this and buy it later. That's my plan.

2. Foreo Luna Play ($35)

Real talk time. I've had one of these and I loved it. But don't buy this now. It's half the price of a rechargeable one- and only a $4 savings. Pass. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of the numerous Foreo devices on sale!

This is a beautifully edited palette. However, I feel like we see similar offerings from the brand every Anniversary Sale and every holiday- and you've likely already got one in your collection. Ask yourself honestly how often you reach for the one you already have. Don't get me wrong- this is a lovely palette, but it's a pass for me and not something I'm recommending.

I always get nervous giving negative opinions. I personally plan to pick up the glosses after the sale, and will eventually get a Foreo.

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale everyone! Watch for my haul tomorrow!

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