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QBB Hauls: QBB's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Purchases

Get a snack, or a glass of wine, or a coffee... or something. This will be a long one. Admittedly, that photo's a bit misleading and not nearly as much fun as you're thinking. I also have multiple online orders coming. The extra day of 10 points per dollar made the money fly!

Luckily, I'm not a Level 4 Cardholder (*cough* barely), so I got access to the sale on Thursday July 13. I couldn't get to a store, and the website was so messed up that I got a crack at everything on Friday July 14.

Let's talk about my overall philosophy and shopping strategy. I don't usually do well in terms of clothes/shoes because the selection is very small as a plus sized person. I also have wide feet; there are 23 pairs of shoes to pick from. And one or two flats. That's it. Not complaining- just stating that I don't get to play in all of the clothes like the other bloggers who post hauls. I also rarely purchase a handbag.

I look at the sale as a great way to nab some beauty goodies, stock up on essentials, grab some holiday gifts, and maybe get some clothes? Last year spoiled me. I did so well with the clothes that I kept grabbing more items (I think I counted one suit, 2 tunic shirts, 2 layering shirts, 1 sweater, 1 dress, 2 t-shirts); 2017 was an epic bust for me. There were only 3 items I seriously considered. (I do have some clothes coming though.. we'll talk about that later.)

Ramble much? Here we go.

Beauty Exclusives:

1. NARS Angel Pride Cheek Palette ($59)

YES! I have been waiting to purchase this for months, since I saw a sneak peak on Instagram. I am so happy to own this for a number of reasons- I'll get into them in my review of the product. I was so impatient to get my hands on this that I actually did buy online, pick up in store to make sure I got it.

2. Bobbi Brown Bobbi on Trend Lips Collection-Nude ($50)

I went into this with my mind open- I was looking at the non-MAC lip kits and planned to purchase at least one (and apparently I was in a nudes mood too!). I can't wait to dive into this kit and review it for you ASAP because I already have thoughts.

3. Laura Mercier Read My Lips Duo- Roses ($28)

This was a "second trip to another store" purchase. I recently rediscovered that I adore this lipstick formula; the roses kit seemed to be a slightly darker but still natural shade for fall.

4. MAC Look in a Box Saint No Angel Mini Lip Kit ($26.50)

I generally pass on MAC kits during Anniversary Sale. The mini lipsticks. I give up. I wanted to grab a couple of the minis that are coming out soon, and they're going to be $10 each. For $26.50, this was two minis and two mini neutral glosses. These have purse dweller status all over them.

5. Winky Lux Flower Balm Favorites Set ($22, currently sold out)

Remember this fun brand (I previously reviewed the primer here)? They're known for these flower balms, so I was stoked to see these in my local store. They surely would've melted en route. Even though the locator always said that it wasn't in stock, both of the local stores I visited had this on Day #2 of normal Early Access.

6. Winky Lux Your Bestie the Nudes Trio ($22)

I think I mentioned in my prior review that I wanted to try some of the color products- here are some nude lip products to try!

Things I didn't buy yet but might still:

Here are a few others that I may end up with before the sale ends. I like to pace myself. Bobbi Brown Bobbi on Trend Eyes & Cheeks Collection ($98), beautyBlender Kit ($35), Guerlain Terracotta After Summer Chic Tropic Bronzing Powder ($78), Sigma Beauty Brilliant & Spellbinding Eyeshadow Palette ($25), Foreo Luna Mini ($66), Evian Facial Water Spray 6-pack ($21)


I actually cut down this year. I only picked up three of the Kennebunk Home 'Bliss' throws ($25.90), one of my favorite things you can buy at the sale. One of them is a gift. Seriously, these are incredible and I always keep at least 4-5 brand-new on hand. They make incredible hostess gifts, and I've been known to send guests home with a throw that they've fallen in love with.

The blush item isn't a throw- it has turned out to be my favorite thing. They are now selling Kenebunk Home 'Bliss' blankets ($38.90-45.90)! You see one here, but I have a second one coming (in gold), and will likely pick up two more- one as a gift, one for guests here. They're truly delicious. Note last year's blush throw in the back!

I also purchased another item online- the Cathy's Concepts monogrammed bedside carafe because it looked so chic. I didn't actually buy a Q, but it does look adorable:

This could also make an amazing gift.

Things I didn't buy yet but might still:

I still have a couple of home items I'm thinking about. Although it's sold out right now, I'm going to nab the Levtex Flamingo Accent Pillow the instant it's back ($25), and I'm looking to nab some more blankets.


I purchased a pair of Sam Edelman 'Felicia' ballet flats ($99.95). They're not a part of the sale, but I planned to pick up a different pair of flats that are part of the sale- the 'Raisa' Bow Flats ($79.90). They come in wide, but they don't carry them in-store. I asked to try a different shoe from the brand to see the variance between medium and wide width; I didn't want to take off the ballet flats because they're the most comfortable I've ever had on my feet. Although not in the sale, I still got 10 points per dollar with my card- or approximately $10 back. I'm probably going to use my massive Note to buy more shoes on August 1!


I picked up two items- one pair of earrings and a purse. The earrings aren't necessarily part of this year's sale, but it's incredible that they popped up.

Anyone remember these from last year? These are the silver/silver Kendra Scott 'Addie' earrings ($39.90, sale price). Although this silhouette in gold/gold and gold/silver, gold/rose gold, and gold/gunmetal are available every day, the silver frame is something that was a Nordstrom exclusive. I managed to nab the gunmetal last year, now I'm still on the hunt for the rose gold version. I couldn't believe it when I saw these in the Early Access tent!

I passed on the other Kendra items because, aside from the Rae (which I don't like that much to be honest- I have two and never wear them), I could walk into my local boutique and make them any day.

I also ordered a purse! Although I'm saving for a Neverfull, this is quite the opposite. I couldn't resist this Leith Suede Clutch in Mustard (now gone from the site!). It's perfect for a black and gold loving girl like me, and looks to be so versatile. At just $49.90, I couldn't stop myself.
Things I didn't buy yet but might still:

I made the mistake of trying a bag on and can't shake it. If the Longchamp Le Pilage Cuir Leather Tote ($354.90) is still around in two weeks, I might purchase it. It's haunting me. I've also been looking for the Longchamp Le Pilage Expandable Tote ($129.90) but have to remind myself that I don't travel enough to justify it.


Sadly, this is all an online haul because of the lack of Encore products in-store.
I have five Make and Model T-shirts coming. I got all three colors of this scoop-neck version.

I also purchased both solid V-necks (because the rainbow would run right through my chest, and...NO on that.

As an aside, this isn't actually in the sale, but it's on sale and related- I purchased this pair of Make + Model lounge pants on sale:

I did purchase some items from the lingerie section, but I'm not about to show them to you!

Things I didn't buy yet but might still:

This Two by Vince Camuto blouse ($65.90) is way too expensive but the flannel is so soft. Likewise, this Elisa J Ruffle Drape dress is adorable but I have nowhere to wear it! The idea of a hooded Barefoot Dreams sweater is also intriguing ($76.90).

What have you picked up so far?

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