Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kiko Cream Lipstick in 02 Cool Rose

Today I'll be bringing you a very small Kiko review.

I picked up the Creamy Lipstick over the 4th of July weekend for a cool $2.90 on sale because, well, who can resist? Normally I'd be leery of inexpensive lipstick, but I recently purchased an amazing sheer lipstick at Kiko for $1.

The sales associate also sold me by telling me these were new, and had come in on sale. Then, I swatched. The Creamy lipstick line was available in four shades in-store but online, it comes in six shades. It's also listed online as being a new formula.

Just like other Kiko reviews, let's go straight to their own product description:

"Creamy, full-shade lipstick.
Its creamy, enveloping texture leaves lips with a feeling of ultra long-lasting softness and comfort. 
Glides on smoothly. Immediate colour pay-off. 
Available in six colours.
Dermatologically tested."
I picked up shade 02- Cool Rose to test.

I used to favor these types of pinks, but I don't wear them often these days. Admittedly, it's because I haven't purchased one in awhile and I loved the texture that I selected this.

I find Kiko's simple, clean tubes to be nice. They're not luxurious, but they're nice to pop in your purse:

I had a hard time accurately capturing the color of the lipstick with my camera, but I have a feeling the comparison swatches will give you a better idea.

See what I mean?  The next shot is the most accurate.

So no, not a unique color. But it's a lovely color that I find to be flattering.

Let's talk formula for a minute- it's luscious. Just like its name suggests, it's creamy. It's also pigmented and lovely.

Here it is, swatched under photography lights:

And under warm ambient light:

Now, the real test: would it cover my pigmented lips?


Now that's a pretty, flattering cool pink. It's shiny and glossy and I would've loved to have had it this past spring.

As I mentioned, I used to really love shades like this. I reached into my stash to grab two of my favorites- one of which has a similar formula to the Kiko (the Lancome):

So color-wise, it's close to MAC Snob. Formula-wise it's like the Lancome.

Bottom Line: If you're able to get your hands on one of these, I'd pick the color that calls to you- albeit I'd recommend a lighter shade with an emollient formula. For a bargain price, I've added a real gem to my collection.

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