Friday, July 21, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses: Parfait & Gilded

If you were paying attention to yesterday's post, there should've been a later review of the second Winky Lux kit. And that this should've been another Anniversary Sale item. Truth told, I tried. An awful combination of long days, long commutes, heat indices above 100 daily, and stress did me in. I'll get the other two posts written and uploaded ASAP- but in the meantime, here's another timely review to tide you over. I'm making it home at 7:30PM ready to sleep immediately... blogging is the last thing on my mind. I'm terribly sorry and hope you'll forgive me.

Today I'm happy to build on the metallic lips trend with two more Anastasia Beverly Hills Glosses: Parfait (a new release for Summer 2017) and Gilded.

First, the basics. ABH glosses retail for $16 each and contain 0.16oz/4.73ml of product. This is my favorite gloss formula- moisturizing, pigmented, and long-wearing. These are closer to lipsticks than gloss in many ways.

Now, let's get metallic.

Parfait, the Summer 2017 release, is described by the brand as "metallic coral with a rose gold finish."

That shot makes it look a little more pink, but I swear this is really a metallic rose gold shade. I kept that shot in to demonstrate the metallic properties that often don't translate to the camera.

I find the ABH wand so nice to apply gloss. This is such a lovely new shade- it looks coral in this shot.

For good nature, here it is, swatched. I'd argue it looks like straight rose gold here. Parfait is a chameleon of a shade, something that's rare in a metallic shade!

Here it is on my lips:

This is wearable metallics for me. I think this is a flattering shade, and I can't wait to mix it in with St. Tropez- which I can't stop wearing. This brings my Summer 2017 shade tally up to six of ten. I need to stop.

Gilded is described by the brand as "sparkly antique gold". I really purchased this out of equal parts curiosity and hoping this can be a highlight shade.

It's an intense, old gold. I should've expected it to be this pigmented:

Let's take a look at this interesting shade on my pigmented lips:

I don't think this is a standalone shade for me, but I think it'll be a lovely accent. It's what I'd hoped that the gold Bite gloss would be.

Let's take a look at both of these in comparison:

I think that the rose gold shade of Parfait really pops next to golden Gilded. I feel like these are approachable metallics.

Bottom Line: Gilded is a bit much on its own but will be an amazing accent this summer. ABH nailed the trend with Parfait, which I can't wait to play with more.

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