Sunday, July 9, 2017

Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight by Face Studio Illuminating Powder- The Rainbow Version

Let's travel back in time. The date: June 25, 2017. A mere two weeks ago. The place? This blog. Specifically, this post.

The words? In the description,

"Other colors in the line? Yes, a rainbow highlight (I have two, so I didn't pick it up)" 


If this was an interactive blog, imagine a buzzer.

Let's travel forward in time. The date: July 2, 2017. The place: Walmart. Your QBB is browsing the makeup aisles (the recently renovated makeup aisles, I should mention). Your QBB spots this:

So much for not purchasing my third rainbow highlighter. It's probably because I really liked the formula of the Ulta-exclusive purple version.

Now that we've started the day by proving I'm a giant liar, let's dig into this rainbow version.

The first thing that you'll notice is just how pigmented this appears to be. Many of my other rainbow highlighters aren't actually pigmented. I wonder...

That red in particular appears to be really pigmented- something that worries me. When I first swatched this product, that worry appeared to be founded in reality.

That's pigmented.

So, what that told me was that this could be used as individual stripes. I've actually played with the yellow and purple as such- and they work as a shimmer. Likewise, I experimented with three of the colors in my inner corner.

OK, let's see what the blended swatch looks like:

It's quite blue-tinged. It's the blue and yellow that translate most onto the cheek. That said, I think it's pretty- and goes well with the unicorn trend.

Bottom Line: You know what it is when you see it. As far as formulas, it's great.

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