Monday, July 10, 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Paints Metallics Eyeshadows for Summer 2017

I still owe you all a giant post on the new L'Oreal lips (there are 4 new formulas- that takes some time!) However, something else caught my eye- and like a small animal attracted to the shiny... here we are.

In addition to releasing every lip product on the market this summer, L'Oreal also did this:

Those heart-stopping shadows are the brand-new L'Oreal Infallible Paints Metallics ($7.99-9.99, drugstores). They come in 5 shades and weigh in at 0.09oz/2.8g. Given that this is the same company that brings the best drugstore formula, these sent out a serious bat signal to me.


I could seriously gush all day long, but I'll keep it moving.

Shade 400 Rose Chrome is the lightest of the bunch.

This was the first shade that pulled me in. It's a lovely rose gold metallic that appears to have slight gold duochrome leanings.

I wish that this worked better on me, but it's a gorgeous shade.

With my skin tone, this doesn't flatter my eyes as an all-over wash. Sadly. That said, I'm going to keep playing with this and figure out a way to use it because it's pretty. Texture-wise, this is the stiffest of the collection.

Shade 402 Brass Knuckles was a sleeper for me.

I mean, it looks nice. Just not something that catches my fancy, you know?

This is a pretty golden brown that makes an incredible one-shadow lid look. Trust me on that.

Are you ready?


Are you kidding me? This is buttery and incredible- this is a one brush swipe swatch. L'Oreal, you did goooood. You could tell me that this was a high-end shadow and I'd believe it. One of my favorites.

Shade 404 Caged is another sleeper.

I mean, this looks like a passable, nice koala taupey brown/grey.

Again, this is nice looking, but a little yawn-inducing for me.

WHOA?!?! Where did you come from?

I have to readily admit that I didn't try this on my eye because it's been above 95 according to my car every time I've been in my car lately- and this is a fall/winter shade for me. Super dark shadows just aren't summery for me. But this is amazing for fall, and I can't wait for fall to pull this one out.

After the last 2 standouts, I think I had unrealistic expectations for 406 Violet Luster.

I'm a purple girl at heart, even though I know these are so difficult to formulate.

This just looks light and airy. The question is: closer to 400 or 402/404?

Closer to 400 but more pigmentation. I like it, but it's another shade that will need some help on the eye. I was playing around with some cool-toned matte browns but still want to keep working with it.

The final shade is 408 Aluminum Foil. In this case, the name is accurate.

Let's take a closer look.

I don't even want to say anything else until I show you the swatch.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. As someone who used to wear silver/grey eyeshadow on the daily, this should be appreciated as a work of art.

Before I give you all the rest of my thoughts, let's see a whole group swatch shot:

Are you even serious? I think this looks like a high-end product, right?

Overall, L'Oreal nailed this release. I appreciate that they only brought five initial shades but I hope that the line gets extended ASAP. The lighter/trickier shades are what you would expect, but the standouts just last on my eye. These don't crease on my eyes and don't fade.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend picking up one or more of these. It's an amazing formula.

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