Monday, July 24, 2017

New Summer 2017 L'Oreal Lips: Infallible Matte Paints

That's a whole lotta mostly neutral lips going on there. Goodness, what's going on with my color choices?

In case you hadn't noticed, L'Oreal saw Maybelline's gloss, liquid lip, and metallic lipstick release and countered with their own metallic lip paint, metallic matte lip paint, matte lip paint, and liquid lipstick release. It seemed that everywhere I went, I ran into new L'Oreal lip products at my local Walgreens. That's why it has taken me a moment to finally review all four new formulas. This is the first of two posts to cover the bunch; it was getting absurdly long otherwise.

Let's start out with the various new iterations of the Infallible Lip Paints. I have the OG collection, and planned to do a lip swatch post for you eventually, and love them. Naturally, I was interested when new versions were launched.

I said I have a lot of these!

OK, let's talk new formula #1: Infallible Paints Mattes (MSRP $9.99). These contain 0.27floz/8ml of product.

There are six shades in the initial launch; I purchased four. All six are readily available at all major retailers. Mine came from a combination of Walgreens, Amazon, and CVS. These contain no claims on the packaging- but I was expecting a moussey, non-drying formula that transfers. I was close, with one notable exception.

First up, #340 Skinny Dip.

Like the first batch of Infallible Paints, these all have a plastic package that matches the shade of the lip color. I am pleased with the small detail that these are matte in finish- reflecting the matte formula.

Here's what I was most nervous about: that wonderful doe foot applicator. I hoped that they wouldn't change it.

Nope, still there!

Let's look at the swatches, fresh out of the tube. First, in studio lighting:

That's hella washed out. Let's try ambient lighting:

MUCH more accurate. Same deal then is going to happen with lip swatches, both in studio and in ambient lighting:

These definitely are a moussey matte, if that makes sense. They're non-drying, non-transferproof, and really- the matte effect is just that. If you're looking for matte liquid lips, these aren't them. I was highly impressed with the pigmentation- they cover my lips completely.

Overall: I have somewhat mixed feelings about this shade on my lips, but think that with the right eyes, it could work. I'm happy enough with it that I'll continue to try- especially this fall (I'm thinking smokey eyes).

Next up, #342 Tongue Tied.

Before I started playing with a couple of shades, I never would've picked this up.

This is one of those brown shades that I generally try to avoid. But since L'Oreal seems to want me to wear these, I'll give them a try.

I think I was looking for something that might be a non-orangey nude that's deeper than the last one. Instead, I got brown.

Let's look at the swatch. First, in studio lights:

Next, in ambient lighting:

Same song, second verse. Let's check out those lip swatches. First is in studio lighting, second is in ambient. Sorry for the blur in the second shot.

Overall, I'm not a brown lipstick person. This shade is better in terms of settling into lip lines but... I don't like browns. Sorry.

Next up, #344 Peach Pit.

This was the first shade I was attracted to online. The swatches made this look like an actual peach shade.

I was a little disheartened when I got my hands on this and saw just how dark and brown this is. Seriously, L'Oreal? What about those of us who like the Paints and not browns?

Let's go to the swatches for confirmation. First, in studio lighting. Then, ambient.

That first swatch is promising, but that second one seems awfully orange. Let's go to the lip swatches on pigmented lips for confirmation.

First, studio lighting:

THERE! You can see how tough this one was to work with on my lower lip. It gets patchy- or into lines.

Overall, I really struggled with this shade. I found the formula a bit patchy

Next up, #346 Festival.

This was the last shade that I picked up. After proclaiming that I hate brown shades, I do not know why I did.

It's a milk chocolate shade. Don't ask.

I was so disappointed by so many shades in this line that I think I was looking for an unlikely hero. And it's drugstore, so it wasn't a wallet-killer.

Let's go to the swatches. First one is studio lighting, below is ambient:

Let's see how a true brown looks on my lips:

Overall, this one liked my lip lines and looked super chalky. And it's brown. UGH.

Here's a group swatch of all of the mattes.

First, in studio lighting- which really washes these out.

Now, ambient lighting- more true to color:

Bottom Line: I like these, but don't know. I feel like they're a bit overly chalky and really highlight any lip lines you have. I'm also craving a non-brown shade that's a more flattering pinky nude for me. With a small, six-shade collection, this was hopefully a starting point for L'Oreal. I'd be interested in trying a bright matte. Just a thought. These should be in your local retailers.

Stay tuned for Part II later today!

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