Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Milk Makeup Holographic Glosses- Supernova & Mars

So, I've been playing with these 2 glosses for awhile- you may have even peeped them in the front of my everyday makeup drawer- and I honestly forgot to review them. Sorry!

I think everyone's pretty familiar with Milk Makeup by now. They're sold via Sephora and their own website. This is the brand with all of the sticks. Recently, they came out with a number of fluid products- including two Holographic lip glosses, which retail for $24 each. They match two of the most popular Highlighting Sticks- which I don't have and won't purchase (although I'm tempted) because cream highlight's not my thing.

These little gems weigh in at 0.32oz/9g and come in a squeeze tube with wand (similar to the L'Oreal Infallible Paints but you can see how much product is left). You could wear them alone, but these are really lip toppers.

Let's start with my favorite- Mars. This is such a versatile shade that I love popping on warm-toned lips. My favorite combo is bareMinerals Cookie with this. Unfortunately, you're going to mainly have to trust me on this because after shooting literally 100 photos in different lighting setups, I was on the struggle bus with this product.

These come in a super handy combo squeeze tube/wand setup that luckily is in vogue these days. I really love Mars and have worn it at least once per week since I purchased it.

Let's take a look at a swatch of this gloss:

This peachy shade is wearable on its own- and really does look nude on the lips. Hence, the following:

Theres something very summer-like about this shade. As I previously mentioned, I adore pairing this with the bareMinerals Gen Nude liquid lipstick in Cookie. I attempted to get a good photo. Really, these are so hard to photograph without professional equipment.

It doesn't do it justice.

Here's something rare- the actual in-store swatch that made me fall in love with these two:

That will serve as an introduction to the blue Supernova.

It's got the same type of packaging as the highlighter as the same name.

Supernova really captured my imagination. It's a blue iridescent gloss that's unlike anything else in my stash. It's not holo.

I was quite bold and impulsive when I purchased a blue lip topper, but I was really thinking of this over a berry or a red.

I have to admit that Milk Makeup really has nailed this packaging.

Although I've found Supernova less applicable to my daily life, it's still a fun shade to have around. Let's go to the swatches.

First, in studio lighting. Then, ambient lighting.

This almost reminds me of a more pigmented and bluer version of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Jelly.

I wouldn't wear this alone, but I managed to get a lip shot. It's quite pigmented:

This shot really shows the blue reflects.

I'm going to wrap this post up with a studio lighting swatch of both glosses:

Bottom Line: These are a lot of fun to add to your collection, particularly if you have a number of matte liquid lipsticks. Adding one of these two will double the shades and allow you to incorporate the glossy lip trend- and shift the shade just a bit. I've only tried three products from Milk Makeup but will be purchasing more in the future.

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