Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 2017 Empties

So, here starts the first of my epic monthly empties. I've been saving my beauty trash since the start of the year; I'm now going to be posting my monthly updates onto this page!

When I started 2017, I had a crazy "items to use" number in my head. Or, so I thought. I nearly hit it after 4 months of the year. At that point, I started to dream big. Really big.

I won't tell you what my number is inside of my head, but we've hit the halfway point of 2017. I'm officially blown away with my progress.

Now, let's talk some trash!

Just for reference, that's an Uber Eats bag.

And... the super satisfying pile of empties:

Doesn't that just look like progress?

I will note that even months tend to be less progress than odd months, for whatever reason.

Makeup (9): 1 Color Corrector, 1 Mascara, 2 DS Mascaras, 1 Cream Eyeshadow, 2 Foundation Samples, 1 Lip Liner, 1 liquid highlighter

Makeup I decluttered (19): 4 Lip Liners, 2 Eyeliners, 2 Eye Sticks, 2 Glosses, 2 DS Gloss, 4 lipstick, 2 mix-in drops, 1 broken eyeshadow

Skincare (11): 1 Toner, 1 Travel Cleanser, 2 DS Moisturizer, 1 Moisturizer foil, 1 treatment pads, 1 cleanser sample, 1 DS Eye Makeup Remover, 1 DS Micellar Water, 1 DS Serum

Masks (15): 2 hand masks, 2 foot masks, 4 eye masks, 7 sheet masks

Hair (5): 1 Travel Shampoo, 1 Travel Conditioner, 1 Conditioner, 2 Treatments

Bodycare (11): 2 Lotion, 5 Shower Gel, 1 Shave Cream, 3 foils

Nails (2): 1 top coat, 1 nail clean up pen

Misc (12): 2 Sponges, 1 Solid Cleanser, 7 wipes, 2 Cotton

Total June Empties: 84 (one of my lower totals)

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