Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Burberry Beauty #09 Socket Line Eye Brush

Today's Burberry item is a bit different than all of the others.  Currently there are only two brushes available from Burberry, the kabuki and Brush #09, the Socket Line Eye Brush.

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a brush collector. I try to purchase at least one brush from the various makeup lines that I enjoy. After looking at reviews of both brushes, I chose the eye brush.

Burberry's Socket Line Eye Brush retails for $38 and is currently available via Burberry's website. Although Nordstrom previously stocked the full range of Burberry makeup brushes, that's not currently the case.

Burberry's website describes this as "Burberry Socket Line Eye Brush blends and softens eyeshadow for an elegant finish. Classic subtly tapered long bristle brush creates smooth and flawless colour. Handcrafted matte finish handle with polished metallic tip."  The old Nordstrom description reads as folows: "Burberry Eye Brush No. 09 is a long-bristled blending brush with a slight point. Made from ultrasoft goat hair, it is used to apply eyeshadow at the tip to create a deeper, but soft, socket line. Used by Burberry Beauty makeup artists to create an effortless smoky eye look."

I tried my best to get a good photo of the handle, but this was the best that I could manage. This is a lightweight brush (although not as light as Hakukhodos), with a nice shape. It's easy to handle, and has a really fluffy brush head.

Although other bloggers have raved about this brush, I've been left a bit disappointed. I suspect that it's largely due to operator error. This is a blending brush, but I have a hard time picking up sufficient pigment to create a wash of color to blend. I'm going to continue to work with this brush and appreciate the high-quality construction.  I'm not willing to give up yet- so you may see this revisited in the future.

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