Friday, April 11, 2014

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No 17 Pearl Grey

Today's bit of Burberry Beauty is one of my new favorite items, Sheer Eyeshadow #17 Pearl Grey. Greys have always been my soft spot, and my go-to shade for a simple eye.  I'm not sure why this wasn't my first purchase from the line. Just look at it!

Like the other Sheer Eyeshadows, Pearl Grey is easily blendable and buildable.

Sorry that I keep adding photos of this eyeshadow, but it's so beautiful.

I have the same experience as far as wear time- all day, with a primer.  This is a shade that I can trust in any circumstance, without fail.  I've got some swatches to share:

Outside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

I pulled a few comparisons.

I purposely swatched Pearl Grey next to Laura Mercier Pewter, my prior HG grey.  They're quite similar, but Pearl Grey has more of a metallic edge. That, in my book, makes it my new HG grey.  One of the best parts of exploring a new brand is finding new HG items. I recommend this for everyone.

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