Friday, April 25, 2014

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No 02 Trench

Today's bit of Burberry Beauty is one of the iconic shades, Sheer Eyeshadow #2, Trench.  It's also one that I've come to adore in a short amount of time- but for obvious reasons have had a devil of a time trying to get a good swatch photo of!

I'm going to switch things up today and start with the swatches that showed up the best:

I think it should be clear by now why I'm going to be mainly reliant upon words today.  Trench is the perfect flesh-toned shade for it.  It has a gentle shimmer that reflects light and opens the eye area.  I've been using it all the way up to my brows to even out my skin and finish my eye look.

Trench actually replaces MAC Blanc Type as my go-to for a finished eye look.  Blanc Type is matte whereas Trench has a soft shimmer.  I highly encourage you to look for other swatches on darker complexions for a better feel.  It's an un-makeup shade for me, and I've already started to put a dent in Trench from using it on a daily basis.  I wish I could show you better swatches, but the reason why I love it so makes it impossible to photograph!

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