Monday, April 7, 2014

Burberry Lip Glow No 16 Ruby

Today's bit of Burberry is another Lip Glow, #16 Ruby. I kicked off Burberry month with Mallow Pink and decided to take the red lips plunge with Ruby.

Right now, Ruby is being promoted by Burberry as part of the Heritage Collection, celebrating the iconic trench coat. The promo images on are stunning. If I hadn't already bought it, I would've picked it up when I had a chance to view the mini collection in person.

Burberry's Lip Glows are rich and packed with pigment.

Here's a good look at the wand:

Burberry Lip Glows are packed with color but aren't glittery in the least. I know that liquid lipstick/gloss hybrids are the it product of the moment, but I have to break some news: Burberry's Lip Glows were close to being liquid lipsticks years before these new launches. Ruby is nothing like any other gloss that I've tried in the past. Staying power is good for a gloss- a few hours.

Here are some swatches.  Outside, with flash:

Outside, without flash:

Most importantly, here's a lip swatch. I adore this gloss:

I'm not a big red lips person (in fact, this is the first real red gloss that I own), so I don't have any comparison swatches to share.  This has kick-started my love affair with red lips!

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