Friday, April 25, 2014

NOTD: Chanel Paparazzi

Today's NOTD is another beauty from Chanel.  Paparazzi was released with the Avant-Premiere collection in Summer 2013, with Cinema, Starlet, and a repromote of Provocation.  When I initially saw swatches of these shades, I figured that I'd hate Paparazzi.  After swatching it in-person, I fell in love.  I find it more of a fall shade than a summer color, to be honest.  And now I'm bringing it out as a totally out-of-season NOTD.

Swatches are two coats, with a top coat.


  1. I didn't buy any of this collection when released (so ended up on eBay as usual!) but actually love them. Starlet is my favourite for this time of year but I agree this is a gorgeous Autumn shade. Susan, London

    1. I actually had Starlet on my nails this week- great minds!


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