Monday, April 14, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis 621 Tutti Frutti & 619 Pink Tonic- Collection Reflets d'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014

As I work my way through my purchases from Chanel's Collection Reflets d'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014, I'm doubling down on two of my favorite shades from the collection: #621 Tutti Frutti and #619 Pink Tonic. If the information I have is correct, Tutti Frutti is the only shade joining Chanel's permanent collection.

Both Tutti Frutti and Pink Tonic have the incredible, gel-like formula that I raved about with Mirabella. Both are nearly one-coaters and have incredible pigment and shine. These are some of the best Le Vernis formulas I've ever had the pleasure of owning.  And as a Chanel Le Vernis collector, that's saying a lot.

Chanel Le Vernis #621 Tutti Frutti is a lovely pink-red-coral hybrid. It's difficult to describe other than "amazing." I don't have anything like it in my collection.

Depending on the light, it looks red, red-pink, or coral.  This is truly a stunning shade, and I have a feeling this will be my constant companion this summer!

I highly recommend that everyone checks out this shade. I wish I had more adjectives to describe it because I'm in love with it.  I could've just kept taking photos and staring at my nails, but I had another polish to try: Pink Tonic.

Chanel Le Vernis #619 Pink Tonic is a vibrant gel-like bright pink. It's almost a one-coater, and so shiny.  I did use a second coat and Butter London Hardware in my photos, but if you're traveling you could skip the top coat.  It's just that shiny.

Pink Tonic is a cool-toned pink but very vibrant. It's not until I photographed it side by side with Tutti Frutti that the cool undertones jumped out at me.

I photographed these two together because they are in similar color families. I hope this photo will illustrate:

Of course, I'm not going to tease you with a photo of an unlabeled swatch wheel:

I don't have anything like the formula on either shade.  I couldn't find a dupe for Tutti Frutti in my stash.  Tom Ford Indian Pink is the closest shade to Chanel Pink Tonic. Tom Ford Nail Lacquers are gel-based, but I think the Chanel formula might even be a bit better than Tom Ford's. Overall, these are two of the best shades I've ever worked with, and I encourage everyone to check them out!


  1. Still not arrived on UK counters. I can't wait! Susan, London

    1. It's worth the wait! I found it interesting that most of the counters have it at this point, but it's still missing from most websites.


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