Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burberry Lip Velvet #310 Military Red

I have a final Lip Velvet to share with you in this month of Burberry beauty.

Burberry Lip Velvet #310 Military Red isn't a shade that I would normally pick out.  It actually took testing this in-store at Burberry to convince me that this was the red that I've been missing in my life.

First, I'll take a moment to talk about the packaging.  My prior Lip Velvet was a mini, so I couldn't properly discuss it.  Whereas the Lip Cover and Lip Mists share the same packaging, the Lip Velvet is distinct.

I enjoy the matte case as a quick way to identify the shade.  Although Burberry's Lip Velvets are touted as matte, I find them to be satins that dry down to matte, but exceedingly easy to wear and natural.

Looking at the color in the tube, there's no way that you'd call it natural. Yet that's what it is.  I've come to realize that one of the reasons why I love Burberry so much is the ease of wearing the shades in any situation.

I get moderate wear time with this formula, but the most important aspect of the formula is that, unlike most matte formulas, it's not drying.

I can't stop taking photos of this color- it's fantastic.

I was looking for a natural-looking red that I could wear throughout the summer.  I find red lipsticks to be exceedingly high-maintenance and quite tricky (as a redhead). I've found a true winner with Military Red.

I'll start with some swatches that don't quite show the color at its max:

Outside, no  flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, no flash:

Inside,with flash:

Now, I'll show where this shade really shines- on my lips.

Without flash:

With flash:

It's such a wearable red that I'm glad to keep it in my stash forever. I'm normally not a matte lipstick fan, but Burberry's Lip Velvet formula has won me over.

Although I didn't have a shade exactly like this in my stash, I do have a number of matte reds to show.  What this swatch doesn't really portray is the blendability and natural finish of the Lip Velvet formula.

Of these, MAC Russian Red or RiRi Woo appear to be the closest. However, there's nothing quite like the Lip Velvet formula so this isn't much of a comparison. It's clear that I have a soft spot for reds, even if I don't wear them much!

Overall, this is a shade that I never would've selected online but I am thrilled to have in my collection. I highly recommend it.

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