Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis 613 Eastern Light- Collection Reflets d'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014

Today I have the final polish from Chanel's Collection Reflects d'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014 to share. I saved this for last because it's actually not a new shade.

Chanel Les Vernis #613 Eastern Light was originally released as a part of the Hong Kong Collection (with Western Light), which was exclusive to Asia, select Chanel boutiques, and Chanel.com. It's since gained a number and went down in cost ($30 for the Hong Kong release, $27 Summer 2014).

Eastern Light is a chalky, milky white creme.  Like most whites, it's a tricky formula.  It's also unfortunately not the awesome gel-like consistency of the more pigmented shades in this collection.  Like most other white shades I've ever worked with, Eastern Light is thicker and dries slowly.  It also requires a steady hand.

I have three coats plus Butter London Hardware on my nails here:

I pulled a few of the easily accessible white shades from my collection.

Butter London Cotton Buds is actually the closest to Chanel Eastern Light. Unless you're a Chanel collector, I'd actually recommend Cotton Buds over Eastern Light because the formula is actually a bit easier to work with. Still, as a collector I'm happy to have this in my collection.

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