Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spotted in the Wild: Chanel Collection Reflets d'Ete de Chanel Summer 2014!

Another weekend, another crazy Saturday packed with local beauty events. I swear, I've been getting my fill of beauty products over the past month or so. Aside from last weekend, when I was too ill to leave my house, it's been all beauty all the time.  Today was event #4 in the past 5 weekends! Oh, and I had a preview at Burberry within this time, too. Phew!

This has been terrible for my wallet, but great for my knowledge base and for spotting new collections the instant that they hit stores! Today I spotted the very first display for Chanel Summer 2014 and I beelined to the display.

Please excuse the cell pic, but I had to be quick as a bunny to grab a photo of this display!

In case you were wondering, it's missing a few items. The purple mascara and IdO were being tested on a customer at the time.  I didn't see any signs of the orange mascara.

The pigmented Glossimer I suspect was simply taking up space in the display. It's my old faithful, Jalousie.

I was able to snap an ultra-quick swatch pic:

I don't know which Glossimer is which- and to be perfectly honest, I don't really care because they're all passes for me.

I'll probably be going back for seconds with this collection- those IdOs, the eyeliner, and purple mascara are all calling out for me.

So, what did I buy? The 5 Le Vernis, naturally.  You all should know me by now!

I did a very quick swatch on a nail wheel for you.  Look for a series of posts in the next day or so with full reviews and comparison shots. I love these!

Yes, I know. I just put the shade numbers, which seems evil.  Don't worry, here's a better shot:

I spent my afternoon swatching and jotting down my initial thoughts.  As soon as I get photos edited, I'll start posting about these since I know that they're highly anticipated.

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